Featured Packs?

Since I’m relatively new to the game, just want to know about packs in the store.
Obviously you can if you wish use money or just save up your earned credits I know. But how long are featured pack’s usually in the store for, is it a weekend thing or a bit longer and I notice the esports stuff is always there and the standard pack’s. Does that ever change and is there anywhere you can get a heads up on up coming pack’s, so you can save your credits up for the one you want?!

Featured Packs usually comes up on Fridays and then they are taken down by Monday. As for heads up on what featured pack is going to be up every week,

sometimes, they mention what packs are going to up on Whats Up (this article is posted weekly on Thursdays), however I believe sometimes they don’t post anything in terms of returning packs so you will need to check the gear pack store on Friday to see what featured pack is up.


Oh alright, thanks for the reply mate!:+1:

There’s normally little advance notice though so your best bet is to make sure you have some surplus credits to spend. We tend to get something in the Featured Packs section pretty much every week. Nowadays we tend to get 1 new pack per month although this month August we have two coming but this is probably cos we have 5 Fridays (Rise Of RAAM; and a heavily hinted at Lambent Locust one). The rest tend to be returning older packs.


Cheers mate! :+1:

And please don’t bother spending real money for the featured packs because you could get the same characters usually the secondary character compare to the other most people want. And that character you want will eventually become craftable for scrap. Most of the characters you see that are craftable were originally came in featured packs. An easy way to get some scrap is deleting weapons skins or all the duplicates skins you’ll get.

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Yeah I know I’ve been doing that, usually make around 2000-3000 + credits a day depending how long I play and what bounties I do. Going to start saving them each week now and see what pack’s come at the weekend. Thanks for the advice mate!:+1: