Featured Hive in Escape

What’s the point of an Escape Hive that makes you do it so fast? I can never find a team that’s willing to move fast enough to accomplish the objective. I’ll rush forward, wind up leaving my team behind, even if they have better weapons, and get swarmed within 20 feet of them while they’re standing around comparing boots or something.

If you play with randoms, this is what you experience mostly,

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Keep looking, good lobbies are out there, I find them daily. There’s always a few bad ones or guys who think they are god’s gift to gears and are too stuck up to play with anyone not on their level. I host lobbies a few times a week where we will tear through 8 to 10 hives on master in a couple of hours and I’ll take randoms or anyone who seems willing to work together and learn. Just keep looking, good people are out there.


Yup. It’s just a mixed bag, but I’ve been able to do most dailies lately in one go with randomers.

Also with The Mines, (which is the featured weekly hive), act 2 can be variable depending on which saferoom you go for. The right hand one in my opinion is a far bit harder; while the left one is easier. Also the way the right-side act 2 is structured (you move in a sort of swerving S shape) the way the venom moves is deceptive so can quickly catch up on you.

Are you talking about the weekly Hive, which has time thresholds for the rewards? Those are actually scores, and it’s based on much more than just completion time. Difficulty, enemy kills, and picking up COG tags all have much bigger impacts on the final time than the actual time it took you to finish. In fact, as long as you’re on a high enough difficulty, you can pretty much always take as much time as the venom will allow you.

In the last week I’ve seen a guy start a public lobby with the description, “If I don’t know you, don’t enter”. lol, a public lobby! some players are so toxic.

I’ve seen that person and their lobbies too. It just seems like another level of pickiness. And I’m pretty picky in the sense I block and mute people I’ve had a bad experience with, so the moment they come into my lobby in future, I kick them. You’d think they just add people they want to play with as friends, and just invite them to private lobbies or something!


That’s what I figured too, just host a private lobby with friends. I think he’s just trying to make a statement. Oh well, it’s Friday and the daily hive is The Line so all is good today.

I join his escape game everytime it has an opening . I was fortunate enough to play with him multiple times before he went the route of if I know you then you can only join

He only knows me by my gamertag and I’ve never even chatted with him in game

Always have a proper game with him without any BS

He can host of a private lobby with friends but it’s not my business to try to understand his reasoning behind it. Maybe if you are a high reup he may give you a chance but I don’t know.

Thanks for the info. I’m level 20 across the classes I play as but am not interested in lobbies with rules like that. I just play for fun and to help randoms that need specific hives completed on Master.