Featured Gears Packs

Could you guys please stop making the fans waste all their credits on these weak 400 coin packs and release the good packs please!!!

They are re-releasing the Raam packs that are so utterly garbage.

You don’t have to use your credits on every featured pack

Also, what’s bad about this one? One brand new locust character to the series & one legacy boss that’s a pretty good pack compared to 2k for a cog with a different helmet

They keep re-releasing older packs because they save all the newer goodies for Gears 5. We’ll only get 1 new pack per month. Of which most of them will probably be re-skins…

Which sucks, because I have about 570,000 credits saved up, and nothing to spend them on…

Some people may have missed out.
That’s what the returning packs are for.

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It would be so much better if we just had separate skins, bounties, skills packs instead of so many different packs that cost either 400, 800 or 2000. I keep getting Escalation, Execution and Core stuff that I just have to scrap because never get into any of those. After awhile, you need skill and bounty cards only. You get very few skill cards playing horde. Getting 5 head shots, 2 knife and execution cards in versus is too much required for most versus games. 5 kills for 700xp is cheap!