[Feature] In-game visual rank % breakdown

If Gears 5 continues with Ranks and I’m assuming it will, I think everybody would benefit from an ‘In-game Rank % Progress’ like the one on the stats page, so that we don’t have to keep loging into the forums to view our rank progression.

Another feature that I’m sure would be widely accepted, is a visual in-game breakdown of our rank % gain or loss after a match, just like how XP and Credits are shown.



Makes complete sense, any gain or loss should be shown in post match report.

I also would like to see a Halo style “previous match” report so that you can see the final result of the last game :+1:

A great idea, I honestly do not see a problem with implementing this.

To add to this, would be nice to see recent matches and the change in opposition, like if you beat them to see how much you decreased their percentage by.

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I would love it if this would be publically viewable as well, imagine being able to have bragging rights on how many diamonds you’ve demoted :joy: