Favourite weapon?

What’s everyone’s favourite weapon from the franchise? Not just to use in game but for overall likability, be it the look, or some other detail.

Personally I would say the Lancer purely for the chainsaw bayonet, I think the torque bow would be a close second for me. So hard to choose tho.

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Longshot. Easy.


Lancer ofc.

Longshot is next on the list, literally the best sniper rifle in all of videogame history.

Ok… The Anti-Material rifle from FNV and DSR from black ops 2 put up a good fight but I stand firm with the Longshot.

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Good choice, I do love the longshot!

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This just unlocked a memory that i forgot. DSR on search and destroy back in the day was top tier gaming.


Dropshot with that satisfying headshot ‘crunch’ drill sound


DSR>>> Ballista.

Even after the nerf.

I was never really a sniper but black ops 2 brought out the quickscoper in me lols

I did snipe in AW, I think black ops 3 as well.


gets called out for hard aiming

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I hard aimed in MW2. That was my first cod and I didnt really know what quickscoping was.

M16 was my baby in MW2.

M16 in any videogame really, always loved that gun.


Barret 50 cal thermal was my go to in MW2

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Disgusting :joy:

I wanted that red tiger camo so badly.

I used thermal and heartbeat sensor for my intervention.

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Look man gun go PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW LOUD NOISE no scoping


The one and only


Talon>> Gorgon.


Is that why you always keep the Talon as your only weapon while playing Protector or Blademaster?

My own picks would fall to a Lancer variant or Longshot. But since both are rated equally in my mind, I don’t really know which one to choose.

It is the best weapon in the whole game

-Super high recoil and spread
-Low damage output
-Huge damage drop off
-Barely any cards that buff the talon
-Said cards are only for blademaster
-Said cards are also not worth picking over the melee based cards for BM.

The formula for making the perfect weapon.


It’s almost ironic, because the weapon is actually pretty useful against Flocks and Juvies in the Campaign, but practically useless against everything in the PvE modes(can’t speak to it in PvP).

I do believe Anchor’s Bloody Shot works with the Talon, not that I believe it to be practical to use it with the class.

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The Talon is nasty in PvP. Tap firing it makes it shoot faster and it melts people.


Hammerburst II, semi-auto variant (Gears 2-3). She was my baby, my love. I had a ridiculous amount of kills and loved using her even at close range. Good times.

I got used to Gears 4’s variant eventually, it wasn’t too bad despite making no sense canonically, but Gears 5’s version is just horrific. A poor shadow of what it used to be. Thanks, Cleven.

Lancer>>> hammerburst.

The only real argument you have is MK1 hammerburst. Oh my word that gun is :heart_eyes:

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