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Favourite video game music?

(DarthDara) #1

Hi guys.

While good game-play and story are two important factors to a great video game, having a good score is always the icing on the cake. There are a few games that stand out because of their soundtracks.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Fallout’s. Mark Morgan, who composed the first two Fallout games, captured the atmosphere perfectly with his dark and eerie music. Metallic Monks and Vats of Goo are my two personal favourites. Inon Zur, who composed the Bethesda Fallout games, is great too. Fallout 3 and 4’s score are fantastic, and like Mark Morgan’s music, captures how it feels like to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

I have a few more that I love. For example:

  • Mass Effect (Particularly the 1st one).

  • Resident Evil 5

  • Gears of War 2 (I like the the soundtrack in all the Gears games, but Steve Jablonsky did an amazing job with the 2nd one).

What is your favourite video game score?

(jvergoth) #2

Portal 2

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #3

• All the halos, But if I will pick a favourite it’s definitely Combat Evolved.
• Gears Of War 1
• Ori and the Blind Forest.
• Half Life 1
• The Original Ninja Gaiden in the NES
• Castlevania
• Battletoads
• Doom
There is a lot of games I can’t get bored of hearing. I just can’t pick a favourite, Also I didn’t mention all of the games I like And if I did you will have a wall of text :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stoic Slab) #4

Medal of Honor (the WWII ones at least), with Medal of Honor: Frontline I would argue as having one of, if not the greatest soundtrack in any modern medium.

(HayMaker304) #5

I think the music in Doom is pretty good as well as wolfenstein

(AliceInChainsaw) #6

Doom and Doom 2 are my alltime faves. Especially if you count in the thousands of wad files.

Portal 2
Brütal Legend
Diablo 1/2
I second Castlevania
Command and Conquer
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Super Mario World
Final Fantasy
One Must Fall 2097 (Old school robot arcade fighter like mortal kombat. It’s on PC and has a wicked soundtrack)
Terminal Velocity
Descent 1, 2, 3, Freespace
I like the TMNT games soundtracks as well
Legend of Kyrandia
Metal Gear Solid
Silent Hill
Oregon Trail (j/k)
I Made A Game With Zombies In It
Streets of Rage
Splosion’ Man
I also like the Goonies II soundtrack on NES… cus it’s just Cyndi Lauper in 8 bit… lol.

I’ve heard Ocarina in Time is a favorite but I can’t say as I haven’t played it.

(Belkain) #7

Most Castlevania games have top notch soundtracks , it’s their trademark.

What else? Some Final Fantasy games have good soundtracks but most are versions not available in the games. By far the best versions for me are those from the band “The Black Mages”.

(Ektope) #8

Red Dead Redemption 2.
Gears of War 3.

(J4CKA1) #9

Halo 3.

(jvergoth) #10

I think I need to add Minecraft, but it gets repetitive in the game. The album is superb.

(GhostofDelta2) #11

Castlevania, Doom (new) and Painkiller.

(mendigo2005) #12

Donkey Kong Country 2

(Stoic Slab) #13

The soundtrack alone easily makes it Rare’s best pirate themed game.

(jvergoth) #14

Speaking of Rare, the original Perfect Dark had some decent music.