Favourite Machinima Gears video/series?

Hi guys!

Talking about this takes me back, but I’m wondering what is your favourite Gears video and/or series created by Machinima? Video for me would have to be “Marcus Fenix plays Halo 3”. With series, probably White Phoenix but I really like all of them!

As I’m typing this, I searched for the videos again just for nostalgia, but they seem to be gone from Machinima’s channel. From browsing, it looks like that the videos can still be watched from other channels, so I recommend if you haven’t seen them!

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I remember “White Phoenix” . That one sticks out for me the most. It was and still is good. Someone on these forums has to have watched that too.

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Yeah," White Phoenix" is probably the biggest one. “Gears No More” and “Out of Service” are pretty good too. There must be other forum members that watched them. As far as I remember, they were quite popular!