Favourite gears of war characters as a whole( locust and cogs)

Who’s your personal beloved favourites? My personal favourites are Aaron griffin, commando dom, savage grenadier elite, savage Theron guard, Theron elite, savage grenadier and Clayton carmine. List below your personal favourites!
P.s Yes my profile picture has a picture of my NECA savage Theron figure :slight_smile:

My favourite character is Dom - his classic Gears 1 version. It’s the only character I use.

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COG- Black Steel Baird, Thrashball Cole, Onyx Guard

Locust- General RAAM, Sniper, Golden Miner, Theron Guard

Hard to say because I like almost all the characters but

Cog- Dom, Lizzie, Anthony, Baird

Locust- Grenadier, Jermad, sniper, imago

My favourite is easily the Queen, as many here may have guessed. If you haven’t…well…I’m not saying you’re mentally deficient but you’re certainly en route. I find her to be absolutely immaculate and Carolyn Seymour’s performance is just perfection.

Second has to go to the mighty General RAAM, who became an instant favourite the very moment I saw him kill Kim.

Other notable Locust include Palace Guard, Theron Guard, Theron Sentinel, Savage Theron, Theron Elite and Grenadier for that ‘06ness.

When it comes to the filthy humans, I did always prefer Dom over Marcus in Campaign (in the OT, I grew to like Marcus more when TC’s awful characters were the leads) but when it came to multiplayer it was mostly Anthony Carmine.

Other notable groundwalking garbage includes Alicia Valera, Baird, Commando Dom (Gears 3), Mechanic Baird and Paduk (his blatant pessimism was too hard to resist).

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Lahni because shes kinda psychotic.

Bolter because his armor and helmet.

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Blasphemous that you prefer that one over this one


But I wouldn’t expect a Queen lover to be that tasteful :wink:

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For the Cog, Samantha Byrne. Nobody is close or as appealing as she is to me. Her voice is a huge bonus to her character too. Claudia Black’s the perfect voice actress for Sam.

For Locust, I love the bigger Locust like Boomers, Maulers, Grinders, Butchers etc. They all sound so badass it’s a shame they didn’t bring them back with the rest of the Locust for Horde, but I understand Michael Shannon had limited resources to work with.

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For its Marcus Fenix, Aaron Griffin and The Cole Train. Marcus because of his approach to everything and Aaron Griffin is badass. Cole is hilarious throughout the series.

I figured you’d have something to say about this!

Yes, it was the blue tint that made it for me. Unfortunately this was absent when he came back in Gears 4.

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I actually prefer the desert look, but the blue is really nice.

It’s strange how for Commando and Mechanic, they went with different versions of the skin, like for mechanic they went with the dlc version as opposed to the pre order. And for commando they chose the pre order version.

It’s a simple color swap but I would’ve liked to have seen both versions in game.

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I know, it was an odd choice but at least we got them at all.

It could be worse. They could’ve been added then received an update that removed something for good, like a hat, bandana, neck armour or something…

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They did take away Doms gun holster on his chest and put it on his butt :nauseated_face:.

Hoff too.

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The creative team at The Cretinous doing what they do best. :unamused:

I think this was pre tc, back in gow 3. Because I don’t remember classic Dom having his pistol stored on his chest.

Locust Grenadier Elite forever… Because a *Locust Grenadier Elite (bot) carried Sgt Grub and I to victory in a 2v5 Guardian match versus a clan. The match came down to the very last round, by which time one of the enemy players quit. That LGE bot was a legend. When he was the Leader he rallied the other bots to him and stole a golden lancer to dual-wield with his own lancer. Truly, he was an inspiration to man, grub, and machine.

Hollow Storm Clayton and Punished!JD are probably my favorite COG skins to look at, but I can’t pick a favorite to play as.

Worst pistol holder placement ever.

Especially if there’s a free spot to throw it on the side of the leg or something.

To the topic itself… I mean… do I really need to say it?

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No. We’re all fully aware of your loyalty to the Queen.

Good boy.

I should’ve known you’d take this opportunity.