Favourite Character from any Gears game, novel or comic?

As the title suggests, this is a thread for people to post their favourite character(s), and if they feel like it, explaining why they like that character.

Mine is RAAM. I love how he was introduced walking like a boss and taking out Minh, as well as how the camera zoomed to Marcus to show his reaction. First time (only time?) I had seen Marcus scared. I like how we got the cutscene of RAAM killing a random cog soldier to remind us that he was still around, and the boss battle was a ton of fun. I spent a long time trying to be able to kill him with the troika towards the back of the train. My borther and I eventually managed to kill him on insane when we both didnt understand the weapon balance and it was my favourite Gears moment.

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Personally Id have to go with the Carmine brothers. They didn’t originate from a military family but felt obligated to after E day. Based on their history their family opened a Family Life Insurance shop shortly after E day and the brothers enlisted roughly around the same time. With the Unfortunate death of Anthony and Benjamin and Clayton being what seems to be the only survivor of the 4 brothers I really hope gears 5 brings him in to light considering he also has been the unknown brother(without a name) and no mention of him and his efforts in the war. Would love to see the Carmines fight side by side for once and NOT DIE… lol

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My favourite has to be SKORGE.

From the moment he appears with that dual staff - it was like wow!!!

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Skorge was a beast especially after RAAM falls he became an essential part of the locust push on Sera


Yeah, RAAM was badass however he was always slow moving and had presence.

With Skorge, you had to watch out he didn’t drop kick you or something :raised_hands:

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Boy did he love bombing use with ink grenades…lol

Aw I miss the Inks :disappointed_relieved:

I know right!!!

@GhostofDelta2 in regards to RAAM do you remember the Kryll Grenades???


this guy right here , is my favorite character

Yeah, referred to him as the Green Goblin for that bit, and the Theron Elite as Batman Theron…

i also love Alex Brand

Oh yea who could forget blow my head off Tai… lol

kidding. kidding. this dude was a beast as well…

" Rrrrrriise! "

He was a beast, a pity he was wasted for the “Worf effect”.

Worf Effort???

Worf effect. Google it. Once you know what it is you will see it in so many movies, tv series, novels and games.


Yeah, with that shoulder piece he is boss :v:️

Didn’t realise it had a term, but man I like it.

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Was he really used as a worf though? He was never really established as the strongest and it never actually showed him losing. If anything the tank makes a better worf for skorge as you’ve recently seen one take out a brumak, and tanks are awesome.

FYI, coulorblast swarm hunter best character!

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