Favorite videogame covers?

I made a joke of it earlier in the off topic section but i figured I’d make a post about it. It doesnt have to pertain to gears but what are some of your favorite videogame covers of all time? Or even include some that you think are terrible.

My personal top 3 are

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Who are you?

Also is this the game you’ve been raving about all the time?

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BOTW is my favorite game of all time and has a majestic cover.



Honorable mentions go to Resident Evil 3’s and 4’s covers. Also that “Only for Gamecube” is the biggest lie in gaming lol

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While it’s hard for me to pinpoint a specific favorite, this is one of them.

I like it because the background reflects the character having a dark past, and the guilt she feels for it, while looking to move forward on a better path.


Halo 2 and ODST.

Honourable mention to Gears 2 though.

Masterpiece of a game

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