Favorite skin loadout

Wassup guys, just wanted to make this thread to see some of the awesome set up my fellow gears got in this game, be sure to list the skins you are using under your photos, I’ve been using the stalker kantus with the gilded weapon set and so far that has been a personal favorite


Factory Default, if we had separate load-outs for Swarm I’d use the Locust Runes.

I’ll throw in one more, the Gears 1 Jack skin that was in the store shortly after release. Sadly it’s not the real Jack model from Gears 1 but the color scheme and rust looks awesome.


Glacial Armour Kait + Razer Lancer + Razer Banner


My favorite skin loadout is Blacksteel Anya with Pink Phantom Weapons :smiley:


How many winter variants of Kait are there?

And of course Envi has all of them.

Edit: This is after the fact, but I am currently using the Matte Black Loadout skins and Locust Runes on everything else. That nice black and red combo looks surprisingly good on both teams, and especially in FFA.


No personal favorite yet it varies almost daily. Seems like the weapons skins I like(both glow sets) I don’t like the way they look on Cog. That’s why I want a black Steel version. I like dark colors. For the locust it’s chrome steel myrrah all liquid metal or metal and diamond Gnasher.

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Onyx with Black phantom

Chrome Myrrah with Black phantom.

As soon as my beloved Sam is released she will be my main, as always when avaliable.

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Classic Baird or Winter Armour Baird with the Master Weapon Skins and the Classic Gears Banner.

I’ll be honest though, i really hate the Master logo or any logo for that matter on weapon skins.
Wish they would get rid of it, looks so messy and it’s not in the same spot on each weapon.

Not that bothered though, not played in months other than about two social matches.

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Chrome steel Myrrah with motherboard .lancer and USA Omen Gnasher.

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Dont have pics as I’m not home atm but anywho

Gears of War 4
Black Steel Kait, Anya, JD, or Marcus: Syndrome loadout(only 3 I had) with Black Steel or Emmisive Black Steel for the rest, I didn’t have complete set for either one, but did between the 2 and really lights on emissive was only real difference

Civilian Anya, Vintage Reyna: Ranked Gold Skins

Black Steel Myrahh with the black steel and emissive again

Most other locust I liked using Armored weapon skins or Immulsion

Gears 5
AAPE, Ice and Winter Kait, Armored Ronnin Kantus, Collector’s and Chrome Steel Myraah fav characters along with liquid medal or eclipse skins

I also like running with Gilded characters with the gilded skins and ya Ive paired stalker kantus with that too.

There’s like, 10-12. 10 is the only reliable number I can give as I don’t have certain ones like AAPE or the Skeleton Suit skin for Kait.

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Ice kait was only available through preorder and the xbox one x gears edition right?

@xXARslayerXx Nah she came with the controller

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Still blows my mind hole everytime I see your iron…

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This was always my go to, Not sure about Gears 5 yet.


I don’t think she was a pre-order bonus. The Xbox came with Ice Kait and Jack, and the full set of Ice weapons.

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Really Jack and the weapons came with the XB lol the Kait came with the controller that you automatically get with the XB, but I only got the controller… as much as I would have liked the console I don’t got that kinda money to buy a console I already have just to get a special version lol… however I think I decided I’ll probably wait til Gears 6 to get the newest XB, that way I CAN get the special edition they’ll probably do.

There is a Seagate HDD that comes with the lancer. :wink:

I have two different styles for each team, I like to mix it up:

  • Cog 1: Onyx Gear and Onyx weapons (If I had it)

  • Cog 2: Deebee with something cool

  • Swarm 1: Theron guard and Phantom skins (Only got one from Loyalty reward)

  • Swarm 2: Kantus and Bloody skins (if that’s a skin)

I think 3 so far,

Glacial, Ice & Winter Armour.