Favorite side modes in games

What are some of your favorite side modes that change the main gameplay?

Motor kombat from mk armageddon
Scenario mode from tekken 6
Hoverboard racing from ratchet and clank series
Hunter invasion from the amazing spider man
Super ultra dead rising 4 mini golf

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Mercenaries in RE4 mainly. It was fun getting 60k points on every map with every character to unlock the overpowered weapons for the main game.

Cod Zombies. Its technically a side mode and it was super addicting and peaked in BO3.

Escape. Best PvE in Gears and its not even close.

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I was a hardcore Cyrax and Sub main.


Mineman, if the gamemode is too hard for you then just say that.

Its literally a reskin of the hit classic gears 2 mission

Act II Chapter 8

Intestinal Fortitude.

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Common koty W

Common mineman L

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Is that a bad thing? Iā€™m gonna have to revoke your 06 vet status if you keep this up.

Ratio+ I rarely miss

:unamused: I dare you.

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gta 5 golf innit