Favorite scene from any gears?

What’s your favorite scene in gears?
Mine is when Clay asks Baird for any boltcutters to cut the chain on the savage locust outpost (turns out it was the thrashball stadium) and then Baird gives him the funniest look and shows him the lancer chainsaw

RAAM VS Kim (from Gears UE)


That was actually in front of the Trashball stadium after fighting off a bunch of Lambent.

Not entirely sure which scene is my favorite in Gears as a whole, but the Marcus tomato rant easter egg in Gears 4 or every time he thinks his barrel shed is going to hold up to the Windflare its roof gets torn up more(made even more ironic by the fact that a collectible states he was planning to reinforce it) and then a Condor ends up crashing into it and destroying most of what’s left of it, with Marcus then coming out, grunting and saying “Not a god damn word” are two contenders.


Meeting Queen Myrrah in her Palace in Nexus, Gears of War 2.

When you had the first encounter with the berserker ,just b4 that you hear a human/COG getting ripped in two,Then quietness and she comes through the door.

I don’t think I have a specific favorite scene but in Gears 3 Dom’s Death and the angry Marcus scenes that came next act with the stranded guy and Griffin were all fantastic. The Marcus and JD hug at the end of Gears 5 was definitely my favorite in 5’s campaign though.

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Offtopic but do you like any beserker sections? I actually very much hate them

Didn’t read the thread properly oops,favourite scene,hey my mind was somewhere else Important things in the real world.sorry My friend will make sure next time I read the thread properly b4 I write :slight_smile:

The holding comments are also a throwback to driving the Minotaur tank over the ice in Gears 2. Marcus keeps insisting it’ll hold despite the protests to the contrary.

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When Griffin flips off Marcus and the gang when he is out on his blimp.

Gears 3 campaign alongside SAM

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It was a Centaur.

And it was holding until the Locust started throwing Nemacysts at it. God I hated riving across that ice. The controls already weren’t perfectly smooth to begin with, just good enough to not ruin the experience of driving the tank on roads, but trying to handle that thing on ice was awful.

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Ah yes, you are correct.

I don’t know if you’re also uncertain for this still but Minotaurs are actually the trucks that the COG is seen using in Act 1(Settlement 2) and Act 4 of Gears 5. Do not recall if those are manufactured by the New COG or if it’s just older machines from the Pendulum Wars/Locust War they are now using and maintaining.

I just screwed up the name (with 40K).

We need a Griffin skin.

The scene where they shoved the Onyx Guard in Act 4 of Gears 5.

My favorite scene was when Cole goes completely mental after he picks up the mic " Delta Squad is in your house, ****! You hear that ****? you gruby ********** are goin’ down! Like way down - dead down! So down you ain’t even gonna know which way is up! Your ***** are gonna be cryin’ to your skank *** queen: Oh, mommy, don’t let the bad man hurt us! **** you! We’re gonna whup your mamma’s ***! Whoooooooooooooo!"