Favorite post launch original map?

Actually funny considering that Bunker was a launch map.

Nexus reminds me of escalation. It’s kind of built the same way and mirrored.

Probably Regency or Nexus. Tomb is a close runner-up.

Visually, though, they’re all great. I know a ton of people dislike Pahanu and I can see why, but aesthetically, it’s super nice.
All the maps are. at the very least, solid in some way, shape or form. I don’t think any of them are bad, really.

Tomb for sure. I like all of them except for Pahanu (that map is garbage imo), but Tomb is very well designed to play differently than other maps. I like how it’s sort of compiled of several closed off areas so that there aren’t many long lines of sight like there are on most maps, but it’s still very much seamless. It’s also imo one of the better maps visually. Very good map design overall there.

I do enjoy maps that have plenty of both close quarters fights and different lines of sight, but Tomb is really fun every now and then after playing a lot of the more “standard” Gears 5 maps.

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Nexus. No contest.

Allfathers Arena,Nexus and Asylum are great Maps.
When it comes to Pahanu i like the Cave and Bridge Setup in Horde but Spawn? meh.

Regency 100%

  1. Allfathers
  2. Ephyra
  3. Nexus
  4. Tomb
  5. Regency
  6. Reactor
  7. Pahanu

In my opinion, these are all really good maps. Maybe not up there with the best in the whole series, but still deserving of appreciation and should return as launch maps for Gears 6 if they don’t significantly increase the number of new maps they make for the next game.

Choices. Allfathers arena, pahanu, reactor, regency, nexus, tomb, ephyra?

I think it depends on what criteria you’re using. Pahanu, Regency and Reactor are probably the most difficult maps for horde with Tomb, Nexus and Allfather’s being the easiest. Ephyra sits between the two groups being neither hardest nor easiest.

Given the choice of which to play I’d go for Tomb in the easiest and Regency in the hardest.

Reclaimed would be my all time favourite Gears map as it’s my test map and I know it really well.