Favorite post launch original map?

Choices. Allfathers arena, pahanu, reactor, regency, nexus, tomb, ephyra?

Nexus or Allfathers. One of those two.

Regency and Pahanu suck donkey balls for Horde, sure they’re challenging but fun to play? Ehhh… definitely take Regency over Pahanu for Horde though.

I can’t judge Tomb or Ephyra, not having played them yet.

Edit : Oh, and Reactor is ok but I find it distinctly average at best.

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Reactor is my favorite original Gears 5 map. Not that the other maps are bad though.

Diner is my favorite TC original map they’ve made so far. If a port has to come to Gears 5. I hope its Diner.


I think tomb is probably my favorite followed closely but allfathers

It’s a great map, but my god, the asthetic of that map is one of the worst in the game.

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Allfathers is neat but I don’t like it much for Horde and it’s got a kinda plain look.

Panahu is really interesting lore wise with the skeletons but far too open and dark. Wish it had an Avalanche-type map effect with the Volcano.

Reactor is probably the most interesting layout wise, but again has a boring look. And the damaging coils don’t do enough to be any big game changer.

Regency. I forgot Regency exists, seems like Hotel but more verticality. Still a boring look though, even with all the New COG details.

Nexus has a great look. Again, wish there was a dynamic map effect involving the Imulsion.

Tomb and Ephyra I’ve not played on in MP… I know Tomb reminds me of a G1 map, forget the name of it but it’s the three lane with a stair-like elevation from right to left.

I wish we had more dynamics in maps. Asylum and Icebound for example. I miss in Gears 3 when even maps didn’t have a game-changing dynamic effect, there was still something. Such as Overpass sinking into the Hollow, or the rising puddles on Aftermath. The fog on Harbor. Etc.

I like the layout of the map. The asthetic to me is okay. I just like how its a hod testing facility kinda deal.

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Lift going down into the mining tunnel/site was also an interesting twist. Just a shame it was never used in Horde where it always starts out at the bottom(when it would have been a mechanic that I could have seen working for it, more so than the horrific fog nonsense of Harbor Haze that had no business im Horde while certainly good for Versus). Well, and many wouldn’t play or do well om it due to it being a difficult map for Horde(unless it was a speedrun🙄), from what I remember. I genuinely preferred the original to the “Apex” rehash that, while it did improve on some areas on the map gameplay wise, I didn’t find as interesting. Not that it looked bad or anything though. But they could’ve just called it Apex instead and it would’ve worked better as a name cause there was nothing remotely like a lift involved on it. Unless they would have gotten copyright issues for a map name.

What I thought could’ve been interesting is if after the mining elevator reached the bottom it would open up a whole other section beyond just the few extra side areas and control room(or at least, it would be up to players to transition to it). Kind of like District’s Arcade but bigger. Maybe would’ve been of greater effect in Horde if you were into looking around maps more.

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The map reminds me alot of gears 4, another Pendulum wars location.

Not that it’s a bad thing but idk reactor doesnt speak to me. I like darker maps too but eh reactor is actually a map I dislike quite a bit.

Allfathers or Regency

Tomb ?

Nexus is one of tcs best maps. Missing a swarmak walking about in the distance when u go to get boom though.


Ephyra :sunglasses:new map,new enemy spawn point(s)


Trying to pick a map out of a bunch of some of the worst …

All fathers, if you have a team …

Nexus. One of the only maps where I like the design and the art of it.

Reactor is a close second.

Tomb, relic vibes, minimal lancering.

AllFathers is the best

Tomb, nexus and ephyra are all really enjoyable imo.


Wow, Bunker didn’t even make the list.

Getting back to the topic, my favorite map is Regency.

Allfathers Arena takes the second place. Because that map has 27 different combinations of cover layouts.

Bunker shouldn’t be on any list :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sob: