Favorite merchandise made by Epic or TC?

A bit odd of a topic but does anybody buy any gears merchandise? I know ive spent quite a bit on some of TCs stuff that they have released and I was curious if anybody did the same. but the question/s im asking are

  1. what is the best made piece of merchandise epic or TC?
  2. what would you like to see be made by TC? like a certain action figure, props, etc.
  3. what gears merchandise do you own, and whats the story behind it? (kinda specific but I like hearing stories like that)

good quesiton…

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If TC ever make Gears of War branded condoms i’ll buy em.


My Gears 5 Xbox One X was worth every penny.
Glad I bought the books. Good read.

I wish I wouldve gotten it, I have the Kait controller though and I love it.

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Only merch I have from the TC era would be the Gears of War 4 Xbox One S, and a tshirt I won from the official Gears of War livestream about seven years ago. This was back when TC was named Black Tusk and had recently been given the franchise, so the shirts pretty rare. Doesnt even fit anymore but eh, it’s nice to have.

When it comes to the EPIC era, I have quite a bit of stuff: all five books, a handful of comics including Jace and Alex Brand’s issues, the Marcus statue from GOW3, GOW2 limited edition with art books and everything, replica lancer (looking to get a Retro soon), various shirts and sweaters, and some pops obviously lol. Oh, there was a coffee mug too, but that got shattered into 30 pieces … lol

No interesting stories from the EPIC merch I have, aside from the lancer. I had my cousin order it online but I wasnt able to pick it until we were at the same wedding lol. So trying to find my table while carrying a replica chainsaw gun strapped to a giant piece of cardboard was hilarious. Thankfully the groom is a giant GOW nerd like me, so he didnt have any issues with it.

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I had a couple TC era t-shirts, which imo they should bring back. It was around the release of gears 4, I have zero clue as to where they are but I’m certain i still have them. Wish they fit me though :confused: i also did get the custom lancer replica which is my prized possession. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and I’m so happy I was even able to get it lol. (I considered buying the Mark III lancer for the release of gears 5 but I’m not sure where I would even put the dang gun at lmao.
From the epic era, I didn’t buy anything gears related because I didnt care about the merchandise at the time, I had the games that’s all I cared about tbh. (I no longer have my original copies of Gears 1 and 3 but I still have my copy of Gears 2, I’d say that game case means an awful lot to me, it holds alot of memories. But recently I did buy two neca action figures, the dom Theron disguise figure and the headshot drone (with the COG tags :slight_smile:)

I have some other cool stuff like the gears 5 collectors edition, the gears 4 steelbook, kait controller, some of the pops like OG Delta, a brumak, boomer, Kait and JD. I did have clayton but I gave him to a friend.

It’s funny, the cog tags are def a prized possession of mine, I’ve always wanted a pair and with the headshot drone I just bought it’s like a wish come true for me. I used to own a pair some years back but I lost them and Ive been itching to get another pair since, I thought of customizing them to look like Bens with the stomach acid but idk yet. I might keep them how they are. When gears 4 and 5 came out, I went out and bought the tostinos and the rockstar drinks just for the codes, I actually kept all of the gears 5 rockstar cans until I realised I looked like a hoarder with all the empty cans and chips ahoy boxes I had in my room.

I also have the comic con “exclusive items” from 2017, it came with the Cole train hot sauce (terrible btw) a super cool patch which I wasted on a backpack, a Marcus pop, a marcus blanket, and a code for both Lt Walker and Lt Fenix. My biggest gripe with the box was 75% of the items inside were obtainable by everybody else and you could get on amazon for like 10 bucks a piece… the Marcus pop wasnt an exclusive, the hot sauce was terrible tasting and the blanket was super random :rofl: however the box that held all the stuff is super cool and I still have it.

Oh yeah and I forgot I had bought that carmine hoodie from the insert coin website, super bummed they took that hoodie off the site. I need another one, its starting to fade pretty badly. I did miss the Anthony Carmine coffee mug and I still haven’t forgiven myself for not getting it :pensive:

I wrote alot but it’s because I own alot lol and I like talking about stuff like this, it means alot to me :slight_smile:

I own nearly every Neca Gears figure. (Missing about 5 or so) Also have the TriForce Locust bust, as well as the Hammerburst, and the PDP Gears 5 Lancer.


Play Arts Kai Marcus Fenix figure
JD Fenix Gears 4 collector’s edition statue

I used to own the golden Retro Lancer, as well as a bunch of Funko Pops. But sold them because I didn’t like them enough. (Except my man Clayton) :grimacing:

*My favorite would be the Locust bust by Triforce. (Epic licence)

*And I’d like to see more Swarm action figures be made under TC licence. (Not really a big fan of Storm Collectibles, rather have Mcfarlane make them.) Most of Neca ones look nice as well, except for figures like Gears 1 Baird. (He looks like a crack addict…) :joy:

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I had every book, some comics and lots of NECA figures (also old man Marcus and Kait (Gears 4)). And a custom lancer replica

What I love (and need) is Myrrah and Lizzie figures. Sam too (Gears 3)

POP Myrrah doesn’t do justice to her

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I have over 100 items, including limited edition consoles and pads, figures, Tshirts, books, glasses, mugs, busts. Too many things to quote, some favs though.
Macanno King Raven
Gears 3 epic edition Marcus
Gears 3 xbox Cosole with sounds.
Oneshot metal keyring.
Neca Skorge



I never got one, but my cousin had it. Sadly he sold it years ago, and he didn’t tell me…


I used to have the centaur too, not for very long but I remember scoring it at a swap meet. Im not even sure how I lost it tbh but I wish I still had it.

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Its not bad tbh, I like the 2nd drop of funko pops like for the remaining members of classic delta, they did a good job. especially on Dom, he looks great, super detailed.

Im surprised TC didnt have funko make any carmine pops, yet funko decided to make another 700 versions of Micheal Scott from the office :roll_eyes:
I know we have clay but wheres my boy Ben at? and a mcfarlane lizzie action figure? take my money already.

I like the General Raam Xbox One controller they made last year.

I have almost all of the Funko Pops so I think it would be cool if they made Scorpuo Squad Pops.

Don’t really have any stories about my stuff but I have and have read all the books and comics.

that would be nice to have, theres alot of pops they could make, I liked that they made us an Anya pop, I would love to get her, she looks awesome.