Favorite map so far?

I think they all add something cool but I really like Vasgar it’s well designed and beautiful. I do like icebound also so much detail when you shoot the ice you can see the water underneath come out of hole over the rest of ice. So many great details in the maps. Witch is your favorite so far?

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Vasgar is garbage. District is easily the best map

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I like training grounds alot


i love Icebound. Bunker is ok it reminds me to much of a halo map Vasgar is my least favorite

Exhibit,like this map,got to wave 20,which I was impressive with on my own.not had a chance with others sadly


Probably Icebound as it is the most dynamic map with the brake ice feature and snow.

Exhibit for sure, I like the darker atmosphere and it is fairly balanced with the power weapons. Theres enough well placed cover to allow flanking and pushing the high vantage points. Only thing to change is remove the lasers during KOTH on frags/torque, that hill is just terrible


Exhibit As well, not many I like really lots feel generic or that they are rips from games like Halo

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District is probably my favorite design wise and aesthetics. Exhibit is fine too.

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Horde on bunker gets crazy!

Any of the old maps cycle in? I haven’t played one but in custom you can play dam etc

Vasgar would be the one I like best in terms of design and aesthetics. It’s the map to least turn into campfests and the visuals are pleasing IMO.

District is another good one for gnasher madness and the lighting looks great on 4k HDR.

The rest, although aesthetically pleasing, just turn into campfests and get dull really quick.

I don’t think so, I keep seeing the same maps and it feels like a small pool.

Icebound for me, great map

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I’m partial to bunker and training grounds. Wish there were more new maps on launch though. Guess we’ll have to wait for the first map drop.

I’m on the opposite end where I’m trying desperately to find something good about any of them. To me they’re just rehashed concepts of previous maps, you got your tyro station, you got a canals type map, there’s a raven down like layout with one of them…it just seems like these were made with an idea that a good map is a gimmick…not a well balanced and constructed battlefield. It’s just odd to me.

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what map has a ravens down layout?

Honestly, NONE.
Maybe Icebound as the less awful.

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Asylum or district

Least favs icebound and bunker

Man that’s like saying any map with a bunch of hallways is pretty much a rehashed canals, the layouts are not like any of the 3 maps you listed