Favorite Locust Character?

Mines is The Theron Gaurd, Raam and Skorge

Raam and myrrah

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Theron and bog standard locust drone. The only two I played as on 4. Theron with the matching loadout (perfection)


A big dude carrying a chain gun and surrounded by a swarm of pitch black monster knockoffs that shield him from bullets.

KANTUS bro. I wanna see a Scion-fied Kantus and some other stuff too.

Locust Grenadier is pretty bad ■■■.


Beast Rider for me.

Kantus all the way not only do they got the intelligence but they got the voice and look man like in my free time I practice the Kantus voice just for the fun of it to mess with my friends although it requires my throat to be bubbly and not dry anyway yeah its gotta be Kantus for me specifically Armored variant over the others.

Also stupid note for people also wanting to try to do the voice as I am or just interested:I try to drink something and after I just sit and play gow or something while barely gulping or swallowing that causes me to get a little bubble somehow that allows for that low growl under their voice but of course I can only do their voice in a standard tone I have not leveled up to screaming or being loud anyway I can assure when Kantus is here its totally being used along with the attempt at standard voice.

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Beast Riders used to scare the ■■■■ outta me! They’re awesome

Elite Grenadier, Sniper and Raam for me.

Skorge, Kantus, and Therons. I love when the Therons say “Uuuselessss”.



Raam was cunning and badass, straight to the point.

Skorge was brutal, punishing the cog for even daring to step into the hollow by torturing them. And he commands the rift worm. So badass.


The Queen


Raam And the Spotter

Its gotta be the Mauler.

Nothing like slowing moving around going “CRUSH”! every time you slam your flail down.

Ah, the good ol days.

Grenadier for days, he is such a savage.

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Shirtless & G2 Cyclops

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Skorge for sure,