Favorite Gears of War YouTuber?

Who is your favorite Gears of War Youtuber to watch? Mine is Landan2006. Been watching him for years and the dude is hilariously funny and very creative and I am proud to be apart of snark nation.


Used to be IceMan and his Sniper Montages back on Gears 1.

That and his Gnasher ones.


Yes! Those were amazing to watch. You don’t watch anyone now?

I watch Ess PhenoMz and Glint.

Videos like this are just so enjoyable and fun to watch :sweat_smile:

Better than a few hours of eSports :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Other than those, not really, I don’t watch anymore.

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  • ModdedTalent / Clutch Chris
  • Temperize
  • All the pro players
  • Chase OP

Edit: AngryFPSGamer of course :joy:

I couldn’t care less about sniper montages on Gears. They’re not entertaining to watch IMO. COD ones used to be, but I’ve never liked Gears ones.

The only types of montages/random clip vids I actually watch are ones with very minimal editing (just clips synced over music with no speedups or anything). And for the clips, I prefer nice plays, clean movement and the game mechanics being hardcore abused. Those are usually shotgun clips in a semi-cometitive setting. And Chase OP and Temperize do all I just described.

I also don’t really care about clips where people stumble into a quad on people that are lost.

Aside from montages and random clips, commentaries from ModdedTalent are nice and so are GBs from pros.

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There is absolutely nothing fun about these videos.


I’ll watch Youtubers for guides /achievements/game info/reviews but never do I watch Montages or MP games. They are just so boring and you’ve seen one montage you’ve seen them all.

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Some of my favorite players don’t have a strong YT presence. Like Toy and Zerpting.
Chase is incredible.

A good friend is really involved in the streaming community and I’ve played with a lot of known players like Limitless, Domez, Hndls, Kougat, etc. It’s strange but most montagers I’ve played with just complain about the game constantly. They say they hate it. They’re done. Then, they’re on next week doing the same stuff.

Each to their own,

I find them very entertaining and the skill level / control over movement is on a different level,

To the point where it’s at the games absolute limit.

Love watching them :raised_hands:

See now if you made a Youtube channel, I would have to watch it

I have a youtube channel tho…

It’s poorly organized and badly maintained.


I only watch the videos @III_EnVii_III sends me…

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I kinda do have a YT channel but I don’t bother capturing the gameplay videos :sweat_smile:

If I make any Gears 5 videos, it will focus on in game content.

I also love Cars, I’ve had some really nice ones and I’ve modded them too. I’m due to get a R8 / Vantage / F-Type / C63 507 / 335i Cabrio or something of the like towards the end of the year that I plan on customising so that may also be a focus.



They are for your eyes only :eyes:

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Oh god I wouldn’t watch any of your pile of flaming crap gameplay after I beat you score and kill wise in KOTH the other night

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Somehow a video of my cat being vacuumed made it on my youtube…

Just a disorganized mess I tell ya.


1v1 me Tony😂


Oh now that is interesting

Dr. Disrespect