Favorite Gears Games

I have been replaying the series from the beginning, trying to surmise which one I like the most. I recently beat Judgment and really really liked it! I can’t see why exactly a lot of people seemed to dislike it.

The "survival" mode seems bare compared to horde in the game before it, but the main versus modes and overrun were cool. The 4 player co op and scoring star ratings for the campaign are cool too. There's a whole lot going on in that game that I feel like never went into any new ones because the fanbase shunned Judgment. 

Am I the only one who likes Judgment?

It’s OK as a standalone game but the fact that it’s a Gears game makes it a bit rough around the edges. It tried to be more like Halo/CoD with human vs human instead of humans vs locust. A problem because that’s one of the reasons why Gears stood out from other shooters. Futhermore, the controls were mapped like an FPS game by having Y to switch while only 2 weapons instead of 2 weapons and a pistol. And grenade is RB iirc instead of up on the dpad.

I’m probably missing a couple things but the gist is that many people didn’t like it because it stripped very important aspects that made Gears so unique.

@RelaxingKoty seems to like it. Only because he built different.

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Its alright. It just doesn’t deserve the hate that it gets.

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Judgment single player is great. It gets hate because of the multiplayer, originally with single-weapon loadout, change in controls, no Locust in multiplayer.

The fact it came out two years after Gears 3 means there were many who thought it could have just been released as an add-on for Gears 3.

The marketing campaign was virtually non-existant, guessing there was a feeling internally that this was not going to live up to previous Gears games.

Ew. A thread discussing Judgment. Heresy.

This isn’t healthy. @GhostofDelta2, you should close this with much haste to minimise further suffering!

Aww don’t close down my first thread! Judgement is underrated. It has a lot wrong with it, but I don’t think it deserves all the hate it got.

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Nope. This game is underrated. A lot of people hate on the game because it’s the popular thing to do.

It still has obvious problems, but it does get too much hate in my opinion.

First impressions are everything! Are you insane?!

Nah, I’m joking. Welcome to the forums, you are entirely entitled to your opinions and free to express them! :slightly_smiling_face:

…even if they’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

I like a lot about J, unfortunately it does do a couple of things very, very wrong.

Definitely not lol.

I liked the changes tbh, human v human definitely was a big step down but I did like the variety of weapons you could use in pvp.

The campaign was really underrated as well, not so much in character building (besides Paduk and Loomis) but more in world building and just the story itself is entertaining. Aftermath is dope as well.

Overrun is cool, like the idea overall.

Soundtrack is also a top 3 gears soundtrack dont @ me.


I agree on the Campaign. It’s pretty good. But the control scheme is kinda off putting compared to the other Gears games(and I don’t really like the whole meatshield with any weapon stuff, partly because it seems stupid - how are you supposed to reload a two handed weapon with one hand?).

Can’t really speak to other modes since I wasn’t aware of Js existence until well after it was out, and as such I have no real interest to go try them now.

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It’s silly but really fun. And it saved my skin quite a few times.

The control scheme change was a very casual move of them. Theres been nothing wrong with the control scheme in gears whatsoever. Especially with tossing nades, it felt really cod like, I love cod but I don’t want those two mixing.

Even if you wanted to, nobody plays J anymore.

Judgement has the best multiplayer if you’re not lagging — which even at the best of times during judgement was almost never. Laggiest game ever created.

Surely you must’ve laughed whilst typing that. Let’s not mislead the uninitiated.

I honestly prefer the scoped Markza over the one we have now and the Breachshot over the EMBAR. The Breachshot actually felt like a contender to the Longshot. I wish it made an appearance again outside of custom pvp given how the Swarm uses Locust based weaponary and now UIR ones as well.

Breechshot and Markza scoped could make a return. Between the marksman weapons, theres plenty of difference between them to add them in.

I want hammy mk1 to make a return and for the hammy mk2 to become the gears 3 semi version.

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Yes. Ooooh sweet Jesus yes.

Though they’d no doubt be nowhere near what they used to be if TC carry on this horrific recoil style they’ve used in Gears 5.

I’d hate for my sweet Hammy to be brought back only for her to be violated by incompetent, uneducated and inconsistent developers.

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In that case, let it be a relic to a once great time in its life :pensive:

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You were probably just lagging.

Negative. I completely skipped that game entirely :joy:. Stuck with Gears 3 until 4.