Favorite Gears game so far?

With the imminent release of Gears 5 in Sept, I was merely curious as to which of the Gears games is your favorite. If this has been brought up before recently, apologies ahead of time.

For Me, I would have to go with Gears of War 3, followed very closely by 2. I think in terms of story 2’s is perhaps slightly better, but overall I just enjoyed the crap out of 3 in terms of the locales you went to, and the set pieces were just sweet to play through. It was so different than 2, with being mostly above ground and had it’s emotional spots as well. Playing through 3 again a bit for kicks really showed me just how great it was, and I believe - correct me if I am wrong - it was written by Traviss as well, who wrote the earlier series of Gears books, so to go from the books and having her write the third game’s story was great I thought.

Anyone else?

Most of the people agree GEARS 3 is the best one


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Without a doubt. The best and most fun multiplayer in the series.

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Gears 2 was the campaign I really loved. I don’t see them ever equaling it again but I’d love it if they could.

Gears 4 was the only one where I really got into multiplayer and Horde.


Gears 3 was the best, soon to be replaced.

My favorite so far has to be Judgment. (just kidding…)

No I’m gonna go with Gears 3, Campaign/Horde were good + I got into multiplayer with that one.
I also had a lot of fun playing Ultimate Edition. It almost felt like a new game since I never really played Gears 1’s MP before.

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GOW2 for the campaign.

I also loved the Versus mode, but I think it hasn’t aged well.

GOW3 and GOW4 play very smoothly (connection problems aside).

GOW4 Horde is great - my favourite iteration of Horde; but the campaign was very average.

GOW3 campaign was okay, but felt like there was too many new characters who had no real introduction or focus. I know there’s the books and comics, but I’ve always thought that with game series’ that all characters should not rely on expanded universe to introduce them. Bernie for example, hardly appears!

Original Trilogy are brilliant but Gears 3 is life :fist:

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What was the almost 1gb update for 3 today?

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I’m at work mate, so unsure ?

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Gears 3, because:

  • 4-players Co-op Campaign
  • Mutators
  • Most stress-free Horde
  • Beast Mode
  • Most fun Versus experience
  • Medal system to work on
  • Enemy variety
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Would you like to see my opinion? - or just one answer to answer

I am very special before in my adolescent years I was looking for the best and could say or go that good game is GOW 3, it has the best multiplayer to its previous installments, but if I go to the narrative that I see from now I think it could be the GOW 2 Why ?:
1-.We know a new Carmine who tells us about his family
2.-They put Tai references on the comics
3.-Queen -I speak of the pendulum wars, the fight for immulsion and stability in the CGO
4.-A new enemy that we face and more information was obtained through NILES plus the reports collected (currently we will see it I believe in GEARS 5).
5.-In what you saved Sera we deviated for the cause of Dom his wife find his paredero and what happened to her.
6.-We reached the conclusions of why the Locust invaded the surface, we saw the first Bright Locust plus a small talk with the QUEEN.
7.-We saw how the immulsion came to transform the monsters of Sera

Gears 4 core multiplayer is the best that I’ve played, until 5 :wink:

I love both the stories in 2 and 3 and both of them had their emotional gut punchers - the storyline with Dom and Maria, and then of course with the fate of Dom and Adam Fenix in 3 …… and for that time being I did enjoy Horde 2.0 a lot, thinking there’s no way they could beat that - then Gears of War 4 introduced us to Horde, and I have to say that’s been my favorite one was well. Very smooth. And I am not sure what it is about Gears 4’s MP but it felt more inviting for some reason and I played it more than I did the others, to be honest. Gears 4’s story I thought was a good one, and as it went on it got stronger, and ended on a good cliffhanger, though I thought it was a bit abrupt as an ending, btw. Gears 5 is looking very promising to me, so it will be interesting down the road to see where it falls in the discussion of where it belongs among the great games of Gears, or if Judgment is finally going to have a neighbor to talk to finally.

Each to their own but I’m really struggling to see how any Gearhead would take Horde 3.0 over the other 2 or for that matter over Survival in J.

I just find Gears 4 Horde so boring, it is actually better to play on hardcore rather than anything higher as your top level as you can all move around the map, rather than just sitting at the base in what is basically like shooting fish in a barrel.

I have completed around 13’000 (only 2 matches of speedrun…that is even more boring!) waves and done all maps on insane (a good few on inconceivable) so I’m far from new to it or not understanding.

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Did you find out what is was for ?

Gears 3 (beast+story+horde)
Very close Gears 2(story+horde)