Favorite gears character

Just wondering of people favorite character in the gears franchise my favorite character my favorite cog character is Kait and my favorite locust is myraah. And my favorite swarm character is the scion elite.

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Top 5 in order:

  • Queen Myrrah
  • General RAAM
  • Theron Elite
  • Dominic Santiago
  • Damon Baird

Outsider: Kait.
Locust: Myrrah/Kantus.

All time favorites would be Anthony Carmine and the Therons from Gears 1 / UE.

Mechanic Baird
Myrrah/ Skorge

Iā€™m quite partial to colour blast swarm hunter.

Golden miner, just love that dude

Cog: Black Steel Anthony Carmine
Locust: Black Steel Grenadier or Black Steel Grenadier Elite
Swarm: Black Steel Scion

Really digging playing as Aaron Griffin!

Sam, always Sam

any one who knows me know who my favorite character is , the BIG ISLANDER , the one and Only and best character in the whole Gears of War series


my Xbox background features Tai as well

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Anya & Myrrah

Dizzy :+1:

Dominic Santiago is my favorite character
R.I.P Dom
I miss ya

Cog: Micheal Barrick
Locust: The Disciples from Gears Tactics

Coalition: Clayton Carmine & JD Fenix.
Locust: RAAM & Scorge.