Favorite Carmines?

my favorite Carmine is Clayton what about the rest of you

Clayton easily. I do like them all though.

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Anthony. Best helmet for sure. If we’re talking related to the story, Ben.

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Clayton guy is just badass

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Ben is the best Carmine. TC made him too confident, though. He needs to be more nervous and panicky to really be Ben. The Ben we got is more like if he survived Gears 2 and made it to Gears 3 and had become more confident in the time between games.

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Tbh I can’t tell the difference between Anthony and Benjamin both are insanely identical…

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They are very similar. Ben seemed to be a little more capable than Anthony though.

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Benjamin Carmine for sure.

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Anthony had the best Helmet, while Benjamin’s makes him look like a noob. :smile:
Story wise, I’d guess I liked Benjamin the most and he lasted for half the Campaign.
I have a thing for disliking bulky, buff characters though, like Clayton.

Same here…Clayton was cool and all but just didn’t let off the same vibe and his younger brothers. I like Benjamin the best…helmet and all. I guess I didn’t enjoy the snout on Anthony…lol

I guess I need to go play the campaigns to understand what the appeal is for the Carmines…

I guess I can’t call myself a true gears fan til I’ve played through at least one…

You’re telling me you have not completed a single Gears campaign???

I just started playing the game this year and jumped straight into versus. I wanted to git gud and felt like playing the campaign was a waste of time in that regard. I have a family and a job so not a lot of time to play.

Sometimes I want to play it but then I’m just like…man KOTH seems so much more fun right now…

Actually I did play through about 45 minutes of it when my internet was down.

It is on my bucket list though…I have watched some cutscenes on YouTube so somewhat familiar with some of the story lines

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I hear you man …gotta find time to play when you can. I’ve been with gears since the beginning. I mostly play MP but rushed through the campaign one night just so I could see what happened. Its a great story line!

Yeah I need to but I feel like I’d probably have to start at gears 1…and I play tournament layout. Do they even have that on gears 1?

honestly not sure but I agree I would definitely say you would need to play from Gears 1 . Oorrrrr just go on YouTube and watch the whole campaigns with cut scenes…but that’s cheating lol

My favorite Carmine …is a dead carmine

You need to play the campaigns ,they are good

Ben, I’m only missing his Zombie version and have scrap put aside for when he’s made available for crafting.

Instead of Gears of War 1, maybe try Gears of War: Ultimate Edition instead, it may have Tournament Control Scheme. Gears of War 2, 3 and Judgment doesn’t have them.