Favorite Campaign Moments in Gears 4 and 5

While Gears 4 and 5’s campaigns aren’t on the same level as the original Gears trilogy, what moments from the new games’ campaigns do you enjoy?

Gears 4 had a decent amount of humor. Reyna being a badass. Marcus getting pissed at his house getting destroyed. The crane scene. Adding Horde-like moments in the campaign with the Fabricator. Marcus reuniting with Baird, Cole, and Sam. Piloting the mechs.

Using the Silverback again. I honestly enjoy riding the skiff around Mount Kadar–the scenery is beautiful. Getting all the upgrades for Jack. Seeing Paduk again. Marcus telling Fahz to shut up.

Highly disagree.

Maybe just the moments where Marcus comes on. Cinematically and face expressions are always great.

I only play the campaign once and never touch it again.

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Death of Del!

Or too soon!?


Gears 4 best moment for me is the prologue, I most likely shed a tear when I saw Dom again :confounded:

Gears 5 best moment is definitely the New Hope section, I thought Niles was a good villain.

Honorable mentions include Kait having to kill her mom and Marcus almost dying.

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Thats easy. Gears 4… there are none =D Gears 5 idk Del trying to cuck JD for a chunk of the game… followed by del biting the bullet… big moments for sure. Honestly sarcasm aside all of gears 5 just felt like a “moment” ya know… every part of the game just felt full of meaning, style and purpose. Finding out more of the origins of the locust would definitely be near the top of the list though.

“Gears 4 best moment for me is the prologue. I most likely shed a tear when I saw Dom Again”

Okay your right. Prologue was great!

Disagree. Gears 5 may have the best campaign yet.

Favourite campaign moments in Gears 4 not found. I would jokingly say the end but then TC had that stupid after credit scene.

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1st Venom run during the HB-Campaign. Then again, the entire HB-Campaign is way better than whatever 4&5 were.

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“Shouldn’t someone with actual military authority be here?”
“…it’s Fahz, right?”
“Uh, y-yes sir.”
“Shut the ■■■■ up, Fahz.”
“Yep. Sir.”


Both cutscenes of Marcus at the end of both outcomes of the choice are really good, in my opinion.

Jack’s Sacrifice at the end really affected me alot. Like he was our companion for Gears 1, 2 at the end of 3 for the final fight at Azura and also throughout Kaits entire adventure in 5. It may be weird but Im gonna miss the little guy.

And I like the part when Fahz tackles the Snatcher to save del on the rocket.

The Opening Cutscene and the ending Cutscene are my favorites from the Hivebuster Campaign though.

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In 4? Well, for a start, I went in blind and I hadn’t been playing Gears much after 3s Campaign due to other games catching my childhood/teenage years attention, so the whole thing was basically like new for me. And after the initial introduction of the Swarm I was terrified… so much so that the AI knocking over a bucket before you enter the little sidehouse Marcus is in really startled me. Didn’t get any better afterwards where the most impressions left on me were from Marcus getting taken by the Snatcher, the Scion reveal which had me nope-ing pretty much all the way back to the start of the room, and kinda the Carrier casually smashing its way through two heavy metal doors.

Also had me thinking they’d actually killed Marcus for a second in that scene at the end of act 3.

In Gears 5? Dunno which moment I’d pick out, thought all of it besides that certain cutscene at the end of act 1(and that they didn’t do anything with it other than JDs character arc) was relatively good. Thought driving the Skiff around was quite fun because you can slide around with it and “powerslide” park sideways, and thought it was generally quite nice to drive around with. I’d say act 4 is decent because I think it might set the “mood” for 6(and possibly other games thereafter as I do not expect the Swarm story to actually conclude in that game, would just seem a bit rushed imo).

The “choice”, well, after initial shock moment wore off because I was like, “Surely if I free Del we can get JD out”, it kinda takes away from the moment when TC goes like “Yeah one is going to be canon anyway so you don’t actually have a choice”. Think the JD death ending is more impactful to all the characters and better made than if you don’t save Del where it’s like everyone except for JD moves on basically straight away after grouping back up with Marcus, though, so there’s that.

Hivebuster DLC gets a honorary mention because well, I’m kinda an Escape fan and Scorpio have a great synergy with one another… when Mac and Keegan aren’t fighting, that is. Thought that exploring Sanctum was pretty fun to do, both in the combat and non-combat scenes(really wish they’d add proper environmental hazards besides the venom into Escape but they’re likely to can the mode for 6 so). Only minor issue I had with it was that the cutoff point felt a bit abrupt at the ending.

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I found Gears 4 to be quite boring. The prologue was great, like I didn’t expect they’d give attention to the Pendulum Wars. And I think the ‘proper’ introduction of the Swarm, when they see an Imago for the first time, was nicely done. Beyond that, it was quite moah.

With Gears 5 I unfortunately didn’t enjoy the story that much, but I did like the amount of lore. I like the exploration in Kadar and Vasgar, returning to New Hope. The vast amount of work they had put to give the UIR some proper story was quite neatly done as well.

Hivebusters is a good DLC, I have little to complain about that one. The bonding of Scorpio happened a bit quick, but it didn’t strike completely unrealistic. Besides that I enjoyed the scenery, the story, to finally learn more about Lahni, Keegan and Mac. It was also nice to for once not to deal with a ‘bad-■■■ boss to kill’, but something more neutral that you had to fight but didn’t need to slaughter.

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Gears 4:

Definitely the prologue. It was a nice blend between old and new, and honestly just a nice dose of nostalgia.

Excluding this, I’d say the introduction of the Pouncer. This section just gave me that nice gloomy vibes that I like from a Gears game and made the Pouncer seem really scary.

Gears 5 (Main);

Jack’s death is one of the highlights of this game. The camera showing Jack’s anxiety about the decision he’s about to make coupled with that beautiful soundtrack really touched my heart.
A shame the fighting sequence before this didn’t give it the proper buildup it deserved.

The hammer of dawn strikes at the end of Act 1. Hearing that beefy lazer and seeing the ground and swarm being destroyed just felt really satisfying.
I’m only talking about the Hammer strikes though, not the whole cutscene. I’m thus excluding the negative stuff like JD running into a group of swarm who can’t shoot for sh*t and, well…Lizzie’s Death.

Gears 5 (Hivebusters): (Spoiler because OP didn’t mention it in their original post)

I’m just gonna say it - Lahni’s eyelashes in the opening cutscene. Idk, they just make her look really cute for some reason. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

But seriously though, my favourite moment is definitely the section where you’re going down the lava river. Looks beautiful and plays nicely.


Can’t quote the actual spoiler tag but I took this screenshot of the opening cutscene and it was my profile picture for a long time. I just thought she looked particularly good here.


The whole armor is just fire, I wonder if other Brash Brigade members wore armor similar to hers or if she was just the special one in the unit lol.

That’s something that always kinda bothered me in gears, all these unique types of armors. I like them but I’d also like some story behind some of them lol.

I know Marcus and Hoff wear Pendulum Wars armor but why does Dom have a unique set, or Cole? Is it because hes a huge dude and normal armor wont fit him as well?

I guess I just like a little uniformity lol.


Yeah she just looks like a badass in that armor. Im really happy they chose that armor for her Heroic.

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Hivebuster would’ve looked dorky on her if it was heroic.

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Yeah but Im absolutely certain a Black Steel Hivebuster Lahni or Island Lahni would be fire and would be free money for TC.

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Black steel hivebuster= profit.

I’ve been considering buying Macs CS too, I’ve become a fan of him recently lol.

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Marcus’s is unique to the point that Jace wears the same set because he idolizes the guy. Then the story team forgot that and his messed up ear.

Tai wore that type of armor too. Same with Barrick.