Favorite Baird Skin?

Since there’s such a list… What’s everyone’s favorite version of the Blonde Wonderboy?
Personally I’m liking the look of the Hivebuster and Desert Baird skins more than I’d like to admit myself.

And for reference, here’s a list:
-Classic Baird
-V-Day Baird
-Judgement Baird
-Old Baird
-Labcoat Baird
-DOTD Baird
-Mechanic Baird
-Gilded Baird
-Black Steel Baird
-Hive Baird
-Winter Baird
-Desert Baird

I believe that’s all of them but if I missed one let me know.

Just wanted to make a neutral post, bring some positive opinions about our favorite loudmouth onto the Forums for a brief moment. Or a chance to talk about why Baird has gotten some seven skins while Marcus be sadboi.

Gotta be classic ain’t it


Bald Wonderboy or Mr. Fixit for me.

I like classic the most. Black Steel, Old and Hive buster Baird next, of which I didn’t bother to get any. The mechanic Baird is also pretty cool.

I only got Hive and Desert because of my leftover Iron and I’d rather get Baird than a Fahz skin…and I’ve gained a liking to it.

I was going to spend my leftover Iron on him too but I didn’t (still dont) even have him unlocked so I didn’t bother. I don’t typically play as Baird too much so there’s that but I still like him.

Serious answer: Winter Baird
Non-serious answer: Duke Nukem

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Whichever skin actually has blonde hair.


I still want a Silver Fox Baird.


Baird is trash


I like Hivebuster Baird, but that is after Delivery Driver Mac…

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Black Steel all the way.

But from the current GOW5 range, I’d say the Winter Armor one.

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Gilded Baird skin.
The only thing in the last ToD I actually wanted.

  1. Classic

  2. Judgement

  3. Winter

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Mechanic Baird! :vulcan_salute:t2:

I second this

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I feel like one of the few that does like his armor from Judgement.

I’m just… So sads.


Baird is alright, but I’ve never been a big fan of any of the original four Delta Squad characters. I’ve always preferred the support characters like Tai, Hoffman etc.

I hated Baird in GOW3 though. I thought he was trying too hard to be the joker. Whereas on GOW1 and 2 I liked him more because he seemed alot more natural.

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Did that ever happen? I thought the hair was gone before it had a chance to be silver.

If so, all the more reason to add it in as a “national grandparents day” event skin.

No…his robots are trash. Except Dave and Jack.