Favorite and/or Memorable Matches

I thought I’d create this topic just as a place to share a story about a favorite/memorable match where maybe something crazy happened. An impossible win, A great individual performance or whatever.

This was a few months ago. A very long sweaty Ranked KOH 3 round nailbiter on Allfather’s Arena. Each round both teams were close to 180 pts and the match went a good 45 mins. We squeaked out a victory by the skin of our teeth. After we won I looked at the stats and we were, no joke, outslayed 2-1. Three guys on their squad had over 100 Eliminations and the other 2 were in the 90’s. Our top guy was in the high 60’s. How did we pull that off?

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Guardian on canals, the other tms leader just camped in spawn the whole match. I was with 3 friends. The other tm were winning 3-0.

Rnd 4 starts 1 of my friends quits (says he cant kill anyone) i managed to kill there leader and it ended a draw.

Someone else joind in rnd 5 and we won the match 3-4

Canals is the worst for guardian.

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