Fatal GPU error is constantly crashing my game and needs to be fixed ASAP!

I’m really enjoying this game so far but jesus christ I can’t even play it because it keeps crashing. All drivers and everything are up to date as well. I had similar problems with Gears 4 so I completely stopped playing it because the issue was NEVER FIXED. Please TC help me and everyone else experiencing this BS out and fix your game!

Edit: My GPU is a 1080ti FTW3…is it more of a problem with my GPU than others? It seems like mostly people with my GPU are having this issue the most.


What’s your card?
I’ve been having the same issue on my Geforce1060 and what I can find is that it seems all Geforce10xx cards are having issues. would be nice to see something being addressed about it.


haven’t seen any of those RTX2070

There is also this thread Nvidia new driver makes gears 5 crash and not work and this thread GW502 Error - Main thread?

There may be different probs - some people might be getting random crashes to desktop while playing whereas I get it only when its going into the game or menu that needs a power cycle but Nvidia 10xx is a common factor

All these threads should be merged and stickied as its a serious issue

1080ti FTW3…I have zero issues in any other game as far as my GPU not working. This is absolutely insane that this is even an issue and it’s not fixed yet!

TC heavily supports AMD cards, because they use AMD Gpus in the xbox one, amd cards get way better fps even on lowerish end hardware. i have a i7 9700k with a rtx 2070 super and on medium settings in multiplayer i get 140 if im lucky and thats after the drivers nvidia put out for gears. gears 4 on the pc legit probably didnt work for 90 percent of nvidia cards because there was no patches or anything done to support it and the same thing is happening to this game, not as bad as 4 but it has alot of issues that havent been fixed for pc users. if i play campaign anytime a cutscene finishes my mouse sense goes back to default. on a couple of missions i fall through the map. times when i cant progressive in the story so i have to reload. and the audio issues with the game. i can hear enemy footsteps from across the map sometimes but sometimes i cant hear foot steps right next to me or audio cuts out for a second or two.

game worked flawlessly until I installed the lastest Gforce “Game Ready” driver 436.30, now my game has crashed several times with this error. I have a 1050ti


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Go to nvidia and get the driver 436.15 back and install it that’s the fix for now!!!

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Yep that fixed it :+1:

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