Fastest way to Re-Up?

Alright I’m stuck between Insane on Surge (can run solo) or the Clock on Master. Is there a faster way to get re up XP?

I won’t be surprised you will not have many answers. If you really want to level up quicker than by playing the daily or normal way : you could try frenzy speed run on overload or blood drive.
I am not a specialist and a fan cause I prefer playing for fun and strategy but it seems that these 2 maps could be done fast with a good combo (demo and tactician or veteran and marksman)

Hey Hitman,

If you get a somewhat knowledgeable group together you could do a full 50 Master run pretty quick if you did all Tacts only on Clocktower, with one guy doing ENG if you wanted.

But otherwise, Master Frenzy on smaller Maps seems to go by pretty fast. My fastest time is 20 mins on checkout. But I normally average about 30 mins per Frenzy run. Well unless its the daily of course.

How much experience per frenzy and per 50 waves? Also I’m not that great at Horde, I only have the Brawler at 20, Nomad at 17, all other classes are 15 and below


No idea. I haven’t tested in Months. However…

@Bleeding_Pepper, @AmicableWall421 @Ektope @FirestormOfFear @GhostofDelta2, I know one of you guys prob knows this answer.

However, for Skill Cards, escape is clearly better. But I find grinding for XP much for fun and more rewarding in Horde.

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The Surge on insane is arguably the best way purely because it’s (1) quick; (2) gives you skill cards; and (3) is doable with any class.

There are other Escape Hives which could be done on say higher difficulties (which give mofe XP) AN increase the chances of purple and gold cards, but they may take longer or may be harder when played as a particular class.

The daily and weekly challenges are a good bet too but you"ll need to consider targeting the map, hive, mutators etc to certain specific classes. Not many people want to carry a Striker on Inconceivable or on a harder hive/map.


Surge is still better than Frenzy? Well like overall I mean?

Yes to me it’s the most balanced and best way.

Obviously for XP alone people may do the Lethal Engagements trick; or the “run to the saferoom door and restart” trick but you don’t get any skill cards.

I guess my advice would depend on what the OP is aiming for. If they’re primarily a PVP player and just wants to get the Heroic Venom weapons or Reup rewards but doesn’t care for PVE skill cards, then the Lethal Engagements and run to the door and restart methods are better.

For PVE players who also want skill cards then you need to complete Escape chapters / Horde waves.



Your like a Fountain of Knowledge. Good to know. Guess I need to get back into Escape at some point then. :slight_smile:

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Start enjoying the game and watch your level climb up by itself. Max-reup already became a joke, no need to do mindless grinding anymore.


Previous Re-up 24 wasn’t difficult to achieve, which is currently Re-up 50.

If you’re after skill cards and want the most Re-up XP at the same time, then focus on getting Ribbons like First Blood (first person to kill something in Escape hive), Hat Trick Ribbons from 3 consecutive headshots, Hail Mary the ending spawn with Salvo or Boomshot (explosive kill from mid to long range) or Death From Beyond (planting Shocks in ending spawn and committing sudoku with Boomshot in venom, while team mate stay alive). Methodical, execute 3 enemies, very easily done on Rejects.

You can get up to 16 Ribbons in Escape for maximum Re-up XP.

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Awesome man,

Ill be doing that myself tonight, as I only have one day till I get my son back. So, ill be like a Hulk in a Ribbon shop.


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Good answer since no need for senseless grinding now especially if you made it to atleast lvl 20 prior to the update. I was lvl23 prior update then lvl 45 after.


Like others have said, I would just go through the game and play it normally. It’s not that difficult anymore to get to max rank. If you felt, compelled, I would do the LE as suggested, but if you play Horde/Escape on Master/Inconcievable most days you will get there soon enough.


Really not too sure about the fastest way to earn xp but out of the various methods available I’d go for surge speed runs, as a PVE player I want to level up skill cards for each class and this is the quickest/easiest way to do it.

Master clock speed runs to the safe room (then restart) are great for xp but as mentioned above you don’t get any cards.

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There’s one method you can try, it’s amazing for XP however it’s very time consuming.


  1. Host an online Escape match, and set the lobby to ‘Non-visible’
  2. Choose escape hive ‘The Descent’.
  3. Choose MASTER difficulty (obviously, this grants the most XP).
  4. Choose any character for this, preferably a melee character such as the Emile or Cole class.
  5. When loaded in, run towards the first encounter with enemies. Before the infantry push up, you will get leeches that come at you. Melee one, and you’ll be given the ‘First Kill’ ribbon.
  6. Press Start and go to ‘Restart Act’, as soon as your screen goes completely black, press start again and now exit back to the lobby.

When you return to the menu, you should be granted at least 3500 XP,

It sounds like a lot to do, but it’s very simple. And probably takes 2-3 minutes each run if you include load screen times. This is the best way I know, but it does get very boring after a while, hope this helps :+1:

Lethal Engagements works in pretty much the same way.

Thing is you don’t get skill cards so if you’re a PVE player and want them then these methods aren’t recommended. If you’re a PVP player and after the weapon skins etc then that’s different.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I am not too great at Horde, might try to get into it so I can be good at Masters Horde. I am just a guy who wants the wings when going into PvP, call it a personal preference. I am at re up 22 after the update ( previously re up 14).

I will try the descent or lethal engagements suggestions and will binge this event.

Master horde every day since game release did not get me to re-up 24 so it might come down to how you define difficult to achieve.


You should consider mixing with escape as it seems to have a better ROI compared to horde.
I was reup 18 before the update without doing master everyday (even many elite- for the daily objectives) and this is due to the good efficiency of escape (real ones, no surge/clock speed running).
But now it should be even faster for those who want to grab the famous wings