Fastest way to level up Gears of War 3

Hey everyone I’m level 23 but I can’t find any matches what’s the best method for exp?

Get a time machine


Probs koth, swap all weapons to oneshots and the bots will pick them up n carry them about, easy pickings.

Cant remember if private matches give less xp, its been so long.

U should be able to get a social match with bots tho, why cant u find matches?

Is the X4 ( i dont remember the exact multiplier) is still up?

Your best bet is playing online, but the only TDM has a decent amount of players to actually play, bot matches still count but they arent as fun. , KOTH is dead most of the day.

Are you just trying to get to level 100?

If so research how people unlocked Prescott.

Requires wired controllers.