Fastest way to level classes/Re-ups

I stopped playing this game for about a year and recently started playing it again. All I just want to know is there any other faster ways to reach reups or reach class xp faster? I’m currently re-up 55 and I only need to max out 8 more classes. I already know about the lethal engagements, the surge, and the clock but it gets boring fast.

The fastest and most effecient ways are the ones you listed.

Okay thanks I just figured maybe there would’ve been other ways since it’s been awhile.

Generally running Frenzies is never a bad choice I heard. Slower but still a good way for XP and cards.

Of course, never forget the dailies and weeklies, especially if there’s like the 20k XP ones in there.

EDIT: Also there should be a glitch to trick a Master match into a Beginner match but get the card rewards from a Master match. Would’ve to look it up though whether there’s a video that showcases that. The XP to my knowledge will still be from a Beginner match, but not 100% sure.

When I was first leveling up classes to 20 and getting skill cards maxed, I used to run Last Stand a ton. Just because running Clock/Surge thousands of times got old.

I did it on like Insane difficulty. It’s an easy hive that doesn’t require much other than killing a few enemies and running past them to the exit. And you can do it solo without much difficulty - just take off Ultra Stopping Power & Regeneration.

Horde Frenzy is another option. Along with Master Hordes on easy maps like Overload, Foundation, etc…

I used to run The Line on Insane with like, the Scion health and damage(or maybe the freeze Mulchers, I don’t remember which). Since the More Health mod was off, getting around the shielded Dropshots with one of their weapons was fairly simple.

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Believe me when I say I know. But they’re the only decent methods. Lethal Engagement runs for the Re-Ups were annoying but nowhere near the roughly 50 hours of agonising pain grinding for “Covering Fire” (50,000 assists).

The most degrading and depressing “grindy” achievements I’ve ever done.

Maybe if the Versus was actually decent I wouldn’t have minded, but oh well.

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I used to do that as well. Venom Run solos on Insane also.

Take advantage of dailies and weeklies.
Make sure to use low level classes when it’s CXP rewards. No point of running low lvl characters when the rewards are cards.

Escape imho lets you lvl up your characters faster than Horde for shorter amount of time.
You don’t have to play just the Surge, Clock or Lethal Engagements. Play any maps.

I myself never liked mindless runs on the Surge or Clock. It gets boring so fast. Just play and get good. High lvl doesn’t mean anything these days. I’ve seen many maxed out characters and maxed out players who are complete clueless donkeys in the game.

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You can also load up a Master Horde as Jack with no bots on and AFK for like 4 hours (i forgot the exact amount of time i was told). Gears 5 rewards xp with amount of time played so if you just AFK as jack you can get xp while you sleep or whatever you else you do.

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I guarantee you the fake Reup 60s either did the Jack method for 100 hours or they did the first act of Clock and restarted a million times. That’s those players with max rank but no skill cards lol

Doesnt particularly matter to me how someone got to max level, what matters to me is that they know how to play the game which has nothing to do with the number attached to their gamertag.

I got to reup 30 and stayed that level because I liked the XXX. I only got to max level because the game literally changed my level when the xp changes came out lol

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This is for reup xp only.

The videos i posted have since been deleted but if you watch @GB6_Kazuya video im sure you will figure it out.

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Agreed - level doesn’t really show me anything. You can be a skilled player with level 16 classes.