Fastest way to kill Matriarch... solved, lol

Sometimes you gotta get the win however you can :sob:


I’ve had that happen to me once too, on the same map, and i saw the whole scene too. She jumped right in the lake. Wave over.

Another thing i’ve been dying to share. Same map. I’m cog cear, a sire has a beed on my engineer who’s got his back turned. “Oh goody. i get to be a hero here,” i’m thinking and i rev my chainsaw and at that moment a pouncer jumped towards me, and i’ll be damed if i didn’t chainsaw that ■■■■■■■ in half. I was kinda bowled over by that. It’s in flight and just reaches me, but the chainsaw is there, and i caught the thing with my chainsaw, and sawed it in half while it was still in the air. A rare thing, one in a million (literaly) i’ve never seen it, didn’t know it was possible, and was impressed that someone at TC thought to do that, and implemented it. Now every time i see a pouncer, and i got a lancer, i try and do it again.

“come ere little doggy”


The fastest my group have ever killed a Matriarch was when it spawned immediately INSIDE the forge and one of our group just happened to be near the button to incinerate it.

Safe to say we have never managed to do it again but we were definitely laughing our ■■■ at eliminating a Matriarch in 1 second HAHA


This was actually an achievement in gears 4 and I agree it’s very satisfying to catch them in midair with the chainsaw.


I couldn’t see where she landed

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She couldn’t see where she landed too