Fastest way for power hoarder medal?

Anyone know the quickest way to get the 3million power medal?

Probably play as JACK and smelt lots of weapons. It helps if your Engineer also levels up the Forge to level 4 ASAP and your team also help to bring you weapons.

Alternatively, maybe use Kait and play solo Horde, and just Retro-charge the enemy? Kait’s passive is that enemies that die near her drop 25% extra power and given you’re executing them, then this will apply.

Both methods will take you time. I don’t know of any super-quick methods, but this way is quicker than playing as other characters.

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By playing Jack and smelting really actively with Level 5 Optimiser.

You sure about that? I played on insane last night,(don’t know if the difficulty changes anything) for about 38-40 waves and got about 250K while smelting ALL THE TIME!!!. lv5 optimizer of course.

If you have some tips other than smelting everything on sight and or moving the forge to where all the “loot” is, please share, I don’t feel like playing 10 more 1-50’s as jack to get that medal.

I am able to get four perks maxed Level 10 by around Wave 40. That costs a total of 181,000 power. So multiply that by five players and it’s around 800,000 from Forge. Then the extra power from early waves and Wave 40 to 50 could add up to nearly around 1 million.

If that’s not how it works, then I just basically got it naturally without thinking or trying, I was going after Jack’s Level 5 cards after Operation 2 dropped and this Medal was finished fast.

The reason why I say to play Jack is because other players may idle around as Jack, during the wave. Not contributing much and only become active at the end of waves or between. Like, why not just go out already and smelt the weapons before they disappear? And of course they will disappear if wave is long.

Thats definitely not how it works. Everyone gets the same amount of power. So lets say at the end everyone has 1,000,000 total thats only 200,000 for each player

Yes, exactly. Not sure where I’m wrong there.

Jacks not gonna get the whole million hes only gonna get the 200,000

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I wasn’t sure whether this counted as 1 million or 200,000 for the Medal progress.

It does seem like it doesn’t matter who you’re playing as. But I’d still prefer it was a Jack who was actively smelting during the waves.

If you pick up 100 power it gives you 100 power towards the medal, same as if someone else picks up 100 power it gives you 100 power. It doesn’t give you the team total.

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I played about 30 rounds with Kait and proportionally speaking I got the same amount of power. It appears the medal counts all the power you get without distinction of how it got there meaning that if Jack picked 1000 power I will get the same amount playing any other character.

No matter how you look at it, the “counting system” works the way @ll_R_E_D_l described so unfortunately there is no way of getting 1 million power (or nothing remotely close) in one session.

Smelting Old Jack guarantees power being collected and so does Kait if she goes on an execution spree (more power collected when enemies die near her) but as far as OP’s question, it appears there is no “fastest way” other than playing a lot of horde.

Host a horde game on beginner. Turn the ai off and lock all the slots so it’s just u playing. Every enemy you kill will have extra energy because your the only one playing. Make sure you pick it up while it’s double energy, so as soon as you kill something. You will have it in no time.

Run wave 10 on foundation at beginner as Kait, kill everything then let the last enemy kill you. Should take less than an hour as long as you’ve gotten a little bit of progress before. It also goes super quick if there’s no leeches

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Same medal is there again (3 million power) but also a medal getting 1 million power with Kait or Lahni.

Any new tricks? Or keep doing wave 10 Foundation with Kait?

Kait is key due to the extra power when she is right next to an enemy that dies,

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But what is Lahni good for when collecting power?

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She is completely inferior to Kait.

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Thanks m8, guess I will have to do some power grinding :cold_sweat:

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Doesnt Lahni have the same thing with the extra power? Its just Kait has the pick up distance that makes her superior

Maybe she does but I found i was getting more power per minute with Kait