Fastest way for character exp?

Wonder what is the fastest way to get character exp in this game. Is it rushing surge on insane/incon? Horde 41-50 on incon with hp off? 41-50 masters? 1-50?

Would like to know. I dont care about cards.

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Frenzy Overload speedruns.

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on what difficulty? incon no hp if you dont have a group?

What do you think would be the best way to do this now, seeing as Marcus/veteran has been nerfed/fixed?

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tbh anything can work - if u have to level all to 20 anyway u cant always have the same setup unless u have a group or wait for specific classes but even then lol.

more annoyed i ask for the exact details and i dont get the difficulty. im guessing hp as its an all around so all classes can kill things and speed up things.

Master. You need at least 4 player if you want to level up useless classes since only the 4th and 5h player can earn XP for them. So you have to take turns.
If you’re able to put 1 and 1 together you can figure out the new method by yourself. I’m not gonna spell it out to avoid further emergency-nerfs by TC ( see CXP in daily hives).

Is it a nerf? :thinking:


Not tried yet to be honest, but anything less than non stop ultimate has to be less powerful than before. The speed run would involve non stop ultimate with fahz thrown in with critical parade.

Auto corrected to needed, should have said nerfed.

Master difficulty on overload - frenzy. Also, if you have boost then that would massively help your character to level up faster to.

Technically speaking I remembered when I was playing with my team as level one cog gear on overload (master difficulty) throughout the 1-50 waves my cog gear went from level 1 to 11. And that took approximately 2 hours on overload. Thanks for the boost, otherwise, I wasn’t getting level 11.

I hear dying infinitely on surges second room gives good exp and no cards :man_shrugging:t2:

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Clock tower is really easy Master run on Frenzy, we did one today in about 20 mins.

Just need someone as Eng and one as Demo and whatever else is fine.


This is accurate.


character exp? can u explain further? is it the best?

There’s a video on that. Check YouTube.
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @NEON_VEL0CITY


Here is Neon’s video.


This will be a great method to get all the characters from 18 to 20 with the next 6.66x boost weekend. Just try to die in front of the safe room, rinse and repeat.

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yeah I just found it as well. The thing that confuses me is that in the comments he says there is a more up to date video but he didn’t link it nor can I find it so… Yeah…

I guess I’ll be doing this unless there is a better method for character levels.

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yeah that video confused me. he said “yeah its just the surge like a lot of you know” - but that’s all he did, a surge run … - so is it just surge runs? Surge runs are better than doing the method of just going to the exit and dying?

Thing is as well, I don’t think that video was done with the huge delay in the waiting room. so idk.

According to @Ektope the method to run to the saferoom door but not go inside is faster. And you apparently don’t have to die.

Correct and it would also depend on the loading speed of your Xbox One/Series. I’d say the first method is faster because you avoid additional loading times in the safe room and lobby.

Edit: like Amicable says, you can just restart the act when you reach the safe room too, which shaves off some more time.

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