Fastest solo way to get 100000 kills/50000 assists in Versus?

Yes, two achievements which are very hard to complete now.
I have looked through TA and found almost all methods need multiple controllers/xboxs. Can they be done alone (or with a partner if necessary) ?

Play nonstop on your own. Have snacks ready, no contact with the outside world, don’t shower.

Always keep Monsters and RedBulls mixed with preworkout ready for that extra push needed.


Sounds like the same advice u could give to some going for top % in any ranked mode.

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Play private CTF with full bots, no slot locking. Change starting weapons to relic retro lancer. Change respawn time to 5 seconds.
Change spawn protection to zero seconds.
Change flag capture time to 10 seconds.
Rush the flag off spawn, kill all the bots and then endlessly spawn trap them on Mercy. Super easy way that doesn’t involve afk’ing


I’ve been doing Arcade Blitz with maximum ring-score, play as Cole and the extra fiery chaos gets a few extra kills. Plus you get a Boomshot for 7 skulls and in Arcade the bots just stick with rifles.

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Yeah but with my method they spawn in one spot and can’t escape. You dont have to wait for them to come to you

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I was going to suggest this, except on the Swarm faction as Queen Myrrah. Much better :grin:.

This is a known method that works well for kills, but friendly bots will not fire consistently enough using this method to make it viable for solo assists.

I don’t know of any method to get a lot of assists in a short amount of time solo.

I found if you load up mercy TDM and have starting weapons as frag grenades and damage to frenzing and spawns to 50 you can just run to spawn and the bots just stand their and can get 5 kills on 1 grenade which is netting over 1k kills an hour but for assist i dont know of any fast way unless you have a partner thats why i just gave up on getting them altogether.

I net close to 1000 kills per private KOTH (if I let opponents win 1 round)

  • Manually set all pickups to relic retro lancer on blood drive. ( do not use the “all weapon swapped to” option or the bots will mow you down too)
  • Lock all but 1 bot on your team, leave all 5 on other team
  • Friendly fire on to kill your bot if it tries to cap
  • Weapon respawn counter reset after pickup
  • Respawn timer down all the way (5sec)
  • Dbno low. Doesn’t seem to matter
  • Ring points to whatever you want but I leave it high in case the bots cap it before I can kill them.

Sit down in the middle and go to town. They usually jump out of the windows unless your bot pushes a spawn.

Make sure to cap the rings and win the first round before the timer hits 25min or the game just ends. ( easy to spread out the caps while you kill)

Helps with kills but not so much with assists unless you have a friend on your team to get the kills while you fire stray lancer rounds into the crowd.

Idk what kind of crack my bots are on but when I used to do that farm I would have a Del or Marcus bot in their spawn literally spawn killing them faster than I could lol

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I’ve had them do this too, but then they’re TOO aggressive, taking kills outright without the chance to get an assist. When they do this, peppering will get some assists and kills, but it’s not what I’d call fast, especially on the assist side.

As a means for securing kills, doing it without friendly bots is the fastest way to farm kills as far as I know. Doing it for assists is about 1/10th the speed as going for pure kills based on what I’ve experienced.

I was running my usual kill method last night while also testing to see if there really is any benefit to turning gore off and all the AI became super aggressive. Charging spawns, really pushing to cap rings, and attacking as a team.

I leave the bots set to beginner but as I was trying to cap a ring I had all 5 enemy ai charge with gnashers to mow me down. They normally aimlessly and slowly meander.

For Assist’s there is no “real” easy way of farming it afaik, hence why i still don’t have that Chevo unlocked.

I’ll either do Private Lobby of KotH with freezing Damage,respawns to 5sec (around 100 Assist’s in 10-15mins) or play Versus AI and lancer everthing and hope Teammates will finish them.

Both Methods are extremely slow and tedious.

I find for assists it’s faster to just play Public Versus AI games and use the Lancer to wound enemies from mid-long range. Most players tend to run around with Gnashers and finish them off.

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