Fantasy Football

anyone else here besides me play fantasy football ? i have been playing for a few years now in 3 or 4 leagues won a couple of league titles here and there

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Football’s Lame

EDIT: No offense to you lol

I just think they are a bunch of overpaid crybabies lol


Done two many years ago…Now I just go on Draft Kings and spend a few bucks only

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I do!! maybe we could get a league together of just Gears fans… :sunglasses:

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that is a great idea

I’m from the uk, so is what we call american football or what Americans call soccer.
Sorry I’m confusing myself now lol.
Ain’t done a team for years

I wish I could do this but online gambling isn’t legal in Arizona so I cant even do that…legislation just barely passed this year to allow our state to do that but hasn’t gone into effect yet.

there are a ton of free leagues that you can partake in on yahoo, CBS Fantaasy, ESPN

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Nope I tried them for betting purposes I know I can use them free…but wheres the fun in that lol