Fanmade Concept Skin (Lambent Skorge)

Enjoy yet another one of my fan made creations! That is Lambent Skorge! What concept skins would you guys like to see? They should bring back armor skins from judgement in my opinion hahaha


King Marcus, similar to Queen Myrrah


Better yet, Lambert Queen Myrrah. Royal Queen Myrrah.

Or even Queen Kait, just Kait in her Grandmother’s armour in an alternate story where she wasn’t a spoilt brat. (Yes, new voicelines would be necessary but that’s not impossible)


Guess who I got an email from today…


:joy: Tell me the good news!


■■■■■■■ why? No one’s gonna steal that.

You are bang on mate, she is well and living in France with her sister and still awaiting the call from TC. She would LOVE to reprise Myrrah, such a shame TC don’t seem interested.

Right, that’s my ticket booked. Anyway, I know she has a lot of great voice lines but I feel like they could’ve done better with the expressions!

It’s also mandatory that she reprises the Queen in Gears of War 6 because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise as she’s too important to the story! If not I may have to finally visit TC myself for a heart-to-heart talk with senior management. Non-violent of course.

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Does it matter if I put one or not? Hop off :peanuts: