False Griffin´s Packs

I have opened a lot of Griffin´s packs and i can´t reach de Imulsion Gnasher, i mean, 20 packs and no skin, this game sucks

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It’s all RNG.
Keep trying, and you might as well get Imulsion Gnasher.


wow 20 whole packs???

Unfortunately it comes down to luck of the draw

Lmao 20 packs only lol Dude I actually opened 125 packs and got the gnasher(s) about 3-4 times each weapon skin

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Yeah 20 packs is nothing. Many players have been having to open 100+ packs. You need to bear in mind that there are 10 Epic cards, so even if you get an Epic, it’s 1/10 chance of it being what you want.


I had to buy 52 packs to get them all so you’re expecting too much out of 20 packs.

Welcome to the club!

lol 20 packs is NOTHING, there’s 28 skins in total to collect, you can get lucky and get starter weapon sets inside 20 packs but that would be considered good luck, it’s only 8000cr

I got the Imulsion Gnasher but I only used ~5000 credits. Not trying to brag or anything, just facts. It’s random.
Also, with this pack, I got both Snubs easily when in most packs it’s the last or second to last (Gnasher).

I got all the imulsion skins except the snub. This was actually a nice weapon skin set, most skins released look stupid, or at least not interesting enough for me to care, but the Griffin Imulsion set is pretty slick.