Falls from RANKED matches. OP.4

I am suffering with several falls during the competitive. Worst of all, it is not possible to return to the match after being disconnected, and a penalty of up to 2 hours is still applied.


@TC_Sera can we please get a response to this.

This is a known problem and it is a huge inconvenience for some players who are actually winning or losing are *Removed from Game cannot rejoin.

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I have no update at this time except to please put a ticket in with as much detail as you can share - it is under investigation, and information is helpful.

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My friend got got kicked last night, ranked gridiron. Rejoined without any problem.

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I have an internet with 50mb of optical fiber, I never had problems with Gears5.
When I performed the new update for operation 4, the match starts.

Sometimes with 5 minutes or even in the second round. I always fall out of the game and the message is displayed.
“That the connection to the host has been lost, please try again later”.

Besides, I can’t get the match back. My friends fell a few times, but mine is much worse, as I have already taken a punishment of 4 hours.

This is unacceptable, because I bought the game and I would love to at least be able to play the games.
Falls are occurring in all modes, whether horde, PvP, or hive.

I will try to play today and if it happens again I will attach the prints.

Thank you!

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Thats good to hear but at the sametime , this topic wouldnt have anything to do with you. Like i said Some players cannot rejoin games.

Just giving some input into ppl being kicked thats all.