Fallout 4 15 characters

I guess im playing fallout 4 again :sunglasses:

Far Harbor is such a good dlc. Nuka World is good too.

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Far Harbor is a top 5 fallout dlc.

Which may not say much but thats because it has to compete with new vegas dlc.

All the vegas dlc was good besides Dead Money or whatever its called. Lonesome Road was suoer linear but was somehow still better than Dead Money.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Gameplay wise? Its very stressful and i have nightmares playing it. But all of the stories besides old world blues are top tier. Lonesome road is the best dlc story wise. Ulysses is a very intruging character, Joshua Graham is a goat, and father elijah is a good villian.

Not only that but the lore behind those locations are so good.

New Vegas’s best strength is its writing, the gameplay does get stale but the plots for said dlcs are worth playing.