Failed to join game error code 0x80190190 and IBIRI

I have played this game since its release and it’s the game I mostly play and enjoy from my library of games. I have spent at least $200 or more between purchasing the ultimate edition and all the e-sports supporter packs I have. I recently bought a laptop about a month ago and decided to enjoy Gears 4 on it with the play anywhere. As of last week I’ve been receiving the error code: 0x80190190 on my xbox and IBIRI on my laptop, when searching for an online lobby.

After much research I found out that I may have been banned. If so, could I please be informed as to why and is there any way I could get it removed? I have not tampered with any of the files on my laptop nor have I cheated in any way. Could someone from the coalition please reach out to me. It would be very discouraging to find out that all my time and money spent on this wonderful game that I love, was for nothing. I hope someone could help me asap, as I would love to continue playing the game online with friends.

Are you on the latest version?

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I’m not sure if this is the correct information but I found version on my laptop and version on my xbox.

Wait 30 minutes to an hour and try again.

That always does the trick for me on WIN 10. I usually get this after a disconnect/unable to rejoin game situation. I think it’s just a temp ban (and not a justified one necessarily) but their errhandler just throws up IBIRI as a filler.


It’s been like this for 3 days. I even went as far as uninstalling and re-installing.

Oh wow, Can’t say I’ve had it that long.

I know I’ve gotten it about 3 times and each time was just maybe an hour. I would hit up the coalitions twitter page and get someone looking at your account to tell you what’s up.

Meanwhile, here is the ‘main’ IBIRI thread that a moderator will likely move this thread into, if you want to read through it.


Already did. Thanks for you help.