Failed to connect servers since a week, I need help please

Since last monday I cannot play Gears 5, I was playing a deathmatch when the conection lost, I only can play campaign, the code that appears on the screen is “0x00000c1d” and I don’t think the problem is my internet because I can play any other game without problem, I already installed the game twice and the problem is still there . I already sent a ticket to TC but they only responded once and I really wanna play. Does someone know any information about this? even if it is little or what do you think it could be? IMG_4e65a024-957f-49d5-a364-07eef9f3216f IMG_ae150d82-0803-4d7a-a131-60d7e53d0c77

Where are you from? Obviously from a LATAM country or Spain,

Did you play another Gears after this error? (Gears 4).

I know some chileans and brazilians players who can’t find matches on Gears 4 and 5

Can you play horde? Escape? Playing co-op campaign?

I’m from Mexico
Yes I did, I played online Gears 4, Apex, GTA V, FIFA.
And I can’t horde, escape and rankeds, when I try to select any of these options appears the message of the picture. The co-op campaing I haven’t tried but I can play campaign alone (the only thing that i can play off Gears 5).

What happens if you got an invite from another fellow mexican or someone else? (Horde, Escape, Ranked, social) Can you join?

No I can’t, I already tried

This is more difficult then. Usually if you can’t search for matchmaking, another friend can search for you without problem.

Is the same message when you tried to join? You get some error when you accept the invitation? Did you join for invitation or for friend’s profile-> join game? Are you visible on your friend’s lobby?

Hello friend,
Still can’t find a solution?
I have the same problem and I am also from Mexico,
What ISP do you have? I have Axtel.
I already tried everything including formatting the xbox but nothing.
If you find a solution please share it.

Did you get a solution, i have the same problem in Europe