Fahz...Who thinks he won't survive the trilogy?(small spoiler)

He comes off as a jerk that easily makes him unlikible really fast, who thinks he being set up to go down in gears 6 and with the way he’s acting i’m guessing not many will miss his dumass.He likes to snitch on others to make himself look inocent of any wrong doing,if he was ordered to pull the trigger on civilians and he did,then he’s just as wrong as jd for doing it.

Make sure to mark this as a spoiler for you own safety.

Also I really like fahz I hope if he dies it’s in a really selfless act sacrificing himself for the people he used to not care about.

Also would be really interesting if characters started dropping g like flies in the next one. —— only if it’s the last game though I don’t want them to go out before the finale.

Kinda like a final battle like infinite war where we lose so much at once we don’t know how to handle it.

Got it,i didn’t even think about this being a big spoiler,but i fixed it.

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Your thread title spoils that he survives Gears 5.

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There fixed it…But at this point it might be to late.

Isn’t the “Spoiler” requirement lifted though?

Yes, but if he was worried about spoilers putting spoiler in the title wouldn’t help.