Fahz when is the buff coming?

When is Fahz getting a buff in Horde? TC said it was coming. They took an awesome class and made it a class that’s so underwhelming . I’m hanging on by a thread with this new horde and this buff will make me or break me. Gears 4 I felt like I contributed to the team with killing Scions spotting enemies and having called shot. I loved the embar and now I might as well tickle the enemies with a feather in the higher rounds. To compound the issue you get so little amo that it becomes a punch fest to survive. Ya I know weapon lockers but more often than not your sharing them with other players and you r often luck to get one slot to trade weapons out. I hope to see a positive change so I can enjoy this game for the better


Oh, another rant coming on here…
Energy is think is the biggest problem with this game, It is mismanaged on a galactic scale, who ever thought that using Energy to increase personal skills needs sacking, or needs to go back to where they came from. Skills should increase with use, not Energy.
The Ammo is the next big issue, and the fix is Weapons Lockers, but the Engineer has to wait for the Energy to mount up to build, because no one is dumping it in the Fabricator.
Damn this game to hell, damn The Coalition for being idiots. Too much to fix. Might as well make a new game…


I dislike seriously the legendary card for fahz… If no one use cryo, this card is totally useless.
Why it isn’t green card ?

Moreover, in high level, Fahz become inoffensive… The longshot isn’t efficient enough, if you compare with JD or Kait weapon power. I think Fahz need a change. Perhaps on longshot power… or explosive head as Gears of war 4…
It’s probably my favorite character gameplay in horde. But need a small TC update.

The only way it works out is to go to the social and find a game with people who have mics. That way everyone agrees to deposit energy until basic defenses are up and a levelled up forge is running.

Yeah outside of ice bound this perk serves no purpose. It sounds good but when you consider the enemy has to be close for a cryo cannon to work and past a certain difficulty NO ONE can step outside of cover without getting dropped. This perk needs a rework bad or we need some way to freeze things at a distance.

I like the idea we have something else to spend our power on instead of just giving it to the engineer. The skills themselves need to be buffed though. 30% more health wont even buy you one extra bullet on masters and feels very underwhelming. Not to mention the rising cost. 1k for 10% health is good but 6k for 1% wont make a damn bit of difference. This needs to be scaled properly.

This solves most problems. I dont play outside of custom games anymore because people don’t cooperate. If I’m not the engineer I always deposit and I dont buy skills until like wave 20 minimum. Even then I’ll only buy tier 1 of the perks for the 10% boost. Once we have Helms Deep setup then I’ll purchase more perks.
If you get a team that deposits early, the engineer builds a forge and the Jack has upgraded smelting, you will never worry about power again.