Fahz the best in Escape... over Cole?

I covered this person name up because I don’t know if they’ll get any hate, or disrespect from me posting this (some people are just like that).

They told me in the lobby that we can beat it with just us two, in my mind I was like - yeah right, not gonna happen, especially from the previous Fahz players.

I’ve played with a lot of Fahz and Cole players but this person was just on another level with the snipe. Other Fahz players were ok. Cole players just get killed to early in this hive, so they felt like a waste of space.

So, has Fahz became the best player in Escape?

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He only marked 1 enemy so he’s trash.


Depends on the Hive and what weapons are available.

For Malfunction, I’d say yeah, he is the main character for this one. Other Hives, well like I said it depends.

I still think Cole and Lahni are very good characters. They don’t rely on weapons and ammo.


If there’s a longshot and enough ammo, Fahz is definitely a beast in Escape. I would still say Cole is slightly better in terms of dealing with more hives by himself than Fahz but I could be wrong. I would say the top 3 would probably be Cole, Kait and Fahz right now. Honorable mentions to Lizzie and Keegan.

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He didn’t need to mark anyone because he was that good with tracking his target quickly.

You definitely forgot about Lahni. She is by far second best next to Cole; could be first at times, too. If Fahz has even at least one snipe, he’ll be easily first in the right hands.

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Honestly, I haven’t levelled up Lahni enough and generally preferred to play Emile even if he was weaker. I can see the potential and it’s fair to argue that Kait needs a weapon but Lahni doesn’t AND she can deal heavy damage with melee weapons.
I don’t disagree about Fahz at all, but with the same reasoning as Kait, if a character relies on a particular weapon or weapon type that needs to be picked up, they’re at a disadvantage in Escape from the outset.

Huh? Cole is pretty beast on this hive. He’s the only character I mastered with, actually. Only problem is he has a hard time with flyers, but that’s what your teammates are for. Depends on who’s playing, really. I had the opposite experience of you: all the Fahzes I played with, including lvl 18s, died quickly in the first act and were useless. Yeah, I know bizarre seeing as everyone here keeps telling me how great he is on this hive.

I usually went Baird since with the EMBAR, you can output enough damage to one shot Sheperds (if Experimental weapons is level 6 and you get an active) and he is blessed with lots of DB weapons.

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I thought Lahni got nerfed? Or did they walk that back already?


I agree with you on Emile. He’s one of my favorites, but is only good without venom. Lahni can handle everything in venom when situations get tough, plus her ultimate adds to her overall ability. Get her stronger and you want regret it.

You’re definitely right about that.

That’s because they aren’t good Fahzs, lol. The bleed characters can easy take out first act, if they’re good. But I’ve had trouble with getting through that first act due to how fast the Grenadiers will move at times, plus how fast the venom will come.

Lahni definitely didn’t get nerfed, matter of fact, she seems stronger to me. I’ve gotten about 40 kills in this hive with her.

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I was just joking lol. Fahz definitely seems to be a beast in escape.

Baird’s not bad but Fahz has more damage cards and they apply to more weapons. You can one shot everything on Master difficulty with maxed cards including DR1s. The threshold to one shot DeeBee’s is even lower so you don’t need maxed out cards or even an active reload.

I think there’s a couple of factors here. Firstly being level 18 doesn’t indicate what level cards they have. It’s easy to get to level 18. I suspect many people didn’t put much time into leveling up Fahz as prior to Op 4 he’s been known as being a bit rubbish. Truth is Fahz needed high level cards to be able to deal consistent damage prior to Op 4, whereas the likes of Kait, JD etc didn’t.

Secondly I suspect some people aren’t that skilled at sniping and lack knowledge about what skill cards to choose and little details about his X-Ray vision etc.

That said, Fahz isn’t invincible. He relies on his team mates to draw fire and pick off flanking enemies. This Hive has alot of enemies - especially and the end.

Fahz is the strongest in regards to damage ouput, especially if there’s snipers around. He can one-shot everything except a couple bosses.

Cole is great in regards to damage resistance. He can now tank so much that it takes the enemies 20 times longer to get him down. And the nerf on his All The Glory is neglectable.

They’re both in my opinion the strongest characters and a bit hive dependend. It’s just a matter of skill if you can actually use them well. :slight_smile:

She lost 30% overall-resistance, how is that not a significant nerf?

Fahz starts off with a Longshot and 11 bullets and gets an Embar and constant ammo-supply after the first room so any other character is just support.

Lahni’s Thrill Of The Hunt card now describes its effects as being “gain 32% damage resistance and an additional 85HP health regeneration per second”. Was the damage resistance always present for this card? I presumed before it was just health regeneration, but now post-Op 4 they added extra damage resistance to this card instead. Is that not the case and they just clarified the wording?

The damage res was always there apparently but not worded in the skill description and always active rather than only next to a bleeding enemy. But this is annoying because I have found that if a Juvie mob was around and I tried killing them with Lahni, in venom, even if I hit one and made it bleed the rest of the obnoxious things just downed me before TOTH even activated its effects.

Wait what? Did they actually fix it already? @TC_MichaelAOS said Thrill used to have 30% resistance which got removed with OP4.

Really? I can’t be totally sure, but I remember seeing this very early on in Op 4 and figure it’s always been there since Op 4 went live.