Fahz Sniper Horde Class

So does Fahz naturally get a 20% boost to marksman Weapons? Can’t tell if it’s that or a card I have equipped (and if it’s that I can’t figure out which one it is lol)

Bump. Requires an answer. Need to know if its a bug or not. If not, it should be listed in his passive. This is probably why ml card only maxes at 30%. A natural 20 brings it up to par with the other weapon boost cards at 50%.

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what is marksman ?

Precision Rifles: The markza, longshot, electromagnetic break away rifle, and the hammerburst…which also counts as an automatic rifle…go figure. Anyway, I did some testing last night and the culprit is the skill card that enhances xray critical damage. It shows the boost at all times for all weapons, but is not applied unless the skill kis active.

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Thanks for the feedback on this. It was really weird and bothering me. Hopefully they make that more intuitive for us

Now I know the signification of Embar thanks lol

Hey Eden,

You can check my Fahz guide if you like. I go over this in that also.

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I would appreciate that :+1:

No worries mate,

Just type in Hu1k in the search field and all my guides should pop up.

The Fahz one is the newest one so may need to scroll down a bit :sunglasses: