Fahz on The Line

Anyone attempted a master run on The Line with a Fahz yet?

With high level Ambush/Exploit Weakness/Modified Longshot, I’m curious if he can bypass some of the mutators like More Scion Health/Healing Buzzkill Scions just like how he can bypass the Low Health Reflective Damage Scions on The Ambush?

I’d experiment myself, but I haven’t been able to convince any friends to help me try it yet.

Depends if there is a longshot early on that a Fahz can use.

There is always one in the left ammo room if I’m not mistaken.


One in the right room too.


Perhaps you could get Cole to get over there to snatch it for Fahz.


The only way I’ve managed The Line on master was with a Fahz

We did Cole, Keegan, Fahz

Creep to the first ammo room. Keegan loads up on Torque bow and frags. Aggro the first two to the door and deal with them with the frags.

Then Cole and Keegan aggressively push to the sniper room so that you can get up the stairs slightly ahead of the venom.

Fahz is ridiculous from here. His ultimate can be used to kill all the scions in the large open circular room without you having to even go in.

We managed this after failing with Keegan/Clayton plus two melee characters many times!


There is also Markza in the left Supply room at beginning. I would be interested to see and try freezing Scions in 3 headshots.

Can a Fahz with high level cards one shot all scions on Master like he can on other hives without X-Ray?

Or does the More Scion Health mutator prevent this?

I can’t 100% be sure

I was playing as Cole so I couldn’t be sure how many shots our sniper was using.

By the time Fahz gets the sniper Keegan and Cole had cleared all the enemies on the ground floor. Fahz obviously using his boltok on anything other than drop shot scions who have shields.

When we went up the stairs Fahz did the 3 or so Scions before the two weapon rooms without them coming anywhere near us. I’m not sure if it was one or two bullets though. But he was good enough that if it was two bullets we didn’t have any issues.

Then he used x-ray from just past the weapon rooms and cleared the entire circular room.

I cleared the two on the landing pad with Coles ultimate.

Then we closed the doors and threw flash bangs and nothing got near us as the doors closed.

Yes, on other maps without Scion Health, 100% you can one shot them outside of X-Ray. I couldn’t give you even an approximate guess as to when Fahz becomes strong enough to do this. My Fahz has had maxed out damage cards since the start of Operation 4 so I can’t test lower level cards.

What I can say though, is that on Malfunction an active Longshot headshot on a DR1 with level 6 Ambush and Exploit Weakness (but no Modified Longshot) takes them to a sliver of health. Given robots have higher damage resistance to flesh-blood enemies then I’m confident this should kill Scions in one go. I’ll need to test it though. But add on the Modified Longshot and that may give you the extra oomph on The Line.

He can’t oneshot the Scions even with Lv6 cards, They always have approx 5% health left.

Also, bringing Keegan isn’t necessary since the Torque bow also counts as a precision weapon and there’s more than enough ammo for the Longshirt.

Oh and healing Buzzkill is bypassed since it only seems to trigger at a specific threshold.

Thanks, but I know all this already. I’ve been one shotting Scions on Master Escape with Fahz since OP4 dropped.

I was curious if he could one shot Scions on Master on The Line because of the More Scion Health mutator.

Looks like I just got my answer in the post below yours.

Just did this by accident with my lvl 10 Fahz as I was switching characters but the guy started the match when I was toggling past Fahz. I thought, oh boy, here we go. Turns out I was dead wrong. Even at lvl 10, with my Ambush, Exploit, Longshot damage, at 3/4, I was 2 shotting Scions and 1 shotting them in X-Ray. I accidently hit the X-Ray button at one point but when I saw like 10 scions behind multiple walls, I thought I must have hit it in one of the best possible areas. It was target practice at this point and I quickly cleared all the ice scions so my melee characters didn’t have to deal with them. The two scions at the LZ didn’t stand a chance, neither did the ones that spawned as the door was shutting. It felt like cheat-mode tbh. I once considered this one of the most difficult hives, but I’ll have to re-write my list after witnessing the total devastation Fahz causes here. If at lvl 10 he can do this, at lvl 18 the power will be scary. Dare I say it, Fahz is OP on this hive.


Yeah. The Line is kind of a joke now with Fahz.

The only tricky part can be the very beginning when trying to get Fahz to a longshot. After that, it is pretty straightforward.

Also, I have max cards but the only difference I could imagine between my Fahz and yours is that lvl 6 Critical Parade leaves a larger margin of error.

just did a two man run with Fahz/Cole on this map, Fahz being able to almost 1 shot scions is just too good, and you have plenty of precision based weapons to work with.

For once we agree, Fahz alone practically makes The Line as a whole a big joke once he gets a Longshot and Markza/EMBAR. Which a Cole can usually relatively easily do except for against the Ice Scions until he has Inner Fire.

But even if he couldn’t nearly one shot the Scions he’d freeze them easily which makes them sitting ducks for followup shots or other teammates… or just removes them from the fight long enough to clear up other Scions.

Alright, I got a good method to solo on Incon with scion health off as low lvl Fahz! You can start doing this around lvl 10 and then just keep doing it to lvl him up and get his cards.

first encounter:

  1. walk to the supply room with the torque, grab torque and get red and blue boxes.
  2. plant flash to left of the supply room exit door, and wait for venom bomb to go off
  3. torque headshot the dropshot scion, who is the one further away from you, this will aggro the nearer scion and he will come after you, if he doesn’t shoot him a few times with the boltok
  4. take cover behind a pillar and wait for the scion to get flashed, then run past and shut the door on him

second encounter:

  1. grab the dropshot off the ground and circle around until you’re facing the longshot supply room, just before that you’ll see a scion to the right of the pillars
  2. quickly headshot him before he gets behind cover
  3. strafe slightly until you see the second scion who should be standing still behind a pillar, and headshot him before he can react
  4. If, for whatever reason, you missed your shots and weren’t able to deal with one of the scions, use the dropshot to finish the remainder off
  5. enter supply room, take longshot and all blue boxes

third encounter:

  1. approach the bridge area from the left side and climb the first set of stairs, once behind cover of the bridge, facing the other side, use x-ray
  2. headshot all scions ahead prioritizing dropshots since their shields cause the most trouble
  3. You can use the weapons locker and get some extra longshot and torque ammo
  4. When on top of the bridge there may be one or two scions leftover who begin shooting at you from afar, don’t worry about them as they will die in venom, or you can potshot them with the boltok to hasten the process (ice scions will make it though the venom though, so do kill them with the boltok)
  5. head towards the two supply rooms across from each other, taking care to deal with any scion along the way you may have missed in x-ray, the pipes and pillars provide good cover

fourth encounter:

  1. after raiding the supply rooms, face the blue rock wall just past the doorway ahead and wait for x-ray to recharge
  2. active reload, activate x-ray, and clear all scions in the large room ahead

fifth encounter:

  1. head towards the LZ door, taking care to deal with any scion you may have missed in x-ray
  2. Once you see the two scions on the LZ, draw them out, fall back, snipe them from behind cover in the big circular room

sixth encounter:

  1. Once at the LZ, don’t pull the switch yet, but take cover and snipe the scions that spawn and rush towards you

seventh encounter:

  1. plant flashes leading to the LZ door
  2. face the LZ door switch and wait for x-ray to recharge
  3. quickly active reload, pull the door switch, and activate x-ray from that position
  4. headshot all approaching scions
  5. If you missed one and the door closes, you can add insult to injury by activating x-ray one last time and sniping him before the helicopter scene triggers

The main thing to remember is to prioritize dealing with dropshot scions in x-ray because if you don’t they will put up their shields and then be extremely difficult to deal with. However, when ■■■■ hits the fan, you can still kill them pretty easily with a stray dropshot if you happen to find one lying around due to scion health being off. Also, a good strategy for dealing with mulcher scions who get too close is to wait for their mulcher to overheat to headshot them. My cards were:

Ambush lvl 4, Patience lvl 2, Critical parade lvl 3. It probably gets slightly easier as cards get higher.

note- Modified longshot and Exploit Weakness aren’t needed to one-shot them on Incon. So those cards can be replaced with Master Marksman, Longshot Handling, or whichever you prefer.

edit: after a few more runs, I got different spawns that makes this difficult most notably getting a dropshot parked in front of the longshot supply room with his shield up. However, if quick enough I believe it’s possible to headshot every dropshot before his shield goes up, Just to be safe, I’m swapping out the torque bow for the dropshot as soon as possible, and also swapping out the flash for frags after planting the first flash. At the LZ there may also be a dropshot, which you’ll want to take out immediately and not wait for him to get into the circular room. Otherwise, it will be a drawn out dropshot battle. If dropshots spawn and come towards you at the LZ before you pull the lever this is also not ideal. You’ll need to use your frags and dropshot to outlast them.

You know I’m getting quite a few different spawn patterns and combinations, so many I lost track. I would be interested to see them all documented. Has anyone managed to do so yet? I feel bad because I wrote this super long explanation here but then afterwards got a bunch of different spawns and the parts of the guide didn’t hold true anymore. Also, sorry to derail your thread. I realize now the purpose of it was very specific and based on Masters difficulty. Because it had the very general title of “Fahz on the Line” I figured I may as well just dump my experiences here rather than create a new thread.