Fahz looks like vega

Ony just realised this but anyone who has played through the mass effect trilogy can see the resemblence between the characters, in me3 you even have a sparing fight with vega lol

Hi Dave,

It does look very similar , however Fazh with all his tat’s looks more menacing and violent .


Well, maybe a little but not enough to start a thread :yum:

I just thought it was cool haha

I really don’t like the look, or personality of Fazh. It feels like TC just can’t make a good character from scratch. And, that really sticks out in a series known for amazing characters. I think that’s another reason the original trilogy feels so separate from everything else.

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Goes from being an unnecessary asehole to a friendly guy, not much depth there haha

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Yup there ya have it peeps, it’s official, Fahz IS crap :grin:

I thought this was comparing Vega from Street Fighter. I’m disappointed.


I came in here thinking exactly the same thing.

i see no resemblance haha

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