Fahz in Horde Mode

Ambush, Exploit Weakness, Modified Longshot, Longshot Handling, Critical Parade.

Shoot the Longshot with active rounds. The round filled by the Longshot Handling card acts as an active round even though it doesn’t flash like one.

At the moment he can use his Ultimate to shoot through Guardian’s and Sentinel’s shields only if shooting them through a wall, it will not work if they are visible. With high enough cards he can take them out with a single shot. Similarly, he can get critical hits on a Matriarch through her body with his Ultimate active.

If you turn health bars on in the HUD he becomes much more effective because you can know when Ambush will apply and know when his non-active round will be able to get the critical kill and thus trigger the Longshot Handling card.

When playing on Beginner Mode, if you turn on Aim Assist and Target Lock, he can clear waves in seconds, making him viable when competing for Fastest Run Leaderboard times.

In future updates I would like to see him be able to shoot through helmets and even a Bastion’s shield when his ultimate is active.

I would also like to see kills with critical hits on rejects and poppers actually registering as critical kills (triggering the Longshot Handling and Critical Parade cards).

If you’re unlucky and dont get the instant reload you can headshot a juvie or leech without an active round. I think a great way to buff him would be to increase the probability of activation of the Longshot Handling card (make level 5 100%?).

Ambush has been brought back up to dealing 130% (from 50%) to unwounded targets. We finally have our OP sniper back.

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I have a question regarding the wording of Exploit Weakness.

My card is at level 1 and it reads “ballistic weapons do 20% more damage when striking a critical location”

The level 2 upgrade reads “ballistic weapons do 30% more damage when striking a critical location during X-ray”

Does this mean that the bonus no longer applies outside of X-ray if I upgrade the card?