Fahz feedback boost perk skill

Does anyone know what is the use of Fahz feedback perk skill is for? And is a head shot consider a critical hit? Some help will be appreciated thanks !

I have been wondering the same thing! Someone please

The perk basically helps to reduce the cooldown of your ultimate ability for whenever you hit an enemy with a damaging shot. There is a base value for that, the perk increases it so whenever you deal damage you get your ult even faster.

If you’re also looking to know whether a critical hit is a headshot, the answer to that is yes, but it also counts for Swarmak blisters, the Matriarch weakpoint, a Kestrel’s engines or the “legs” of a Stump.


It basically just makes it to where the more damage you do the faster you will get your ultimate back. And yes critical hit’s and headshot’s are the same thing.

I thought the head (DR-1) was critical area of Stump but nice to know.

From my experience shooting them in the flesh part or I guess there leg is where they are most weak and gives you a critical hit. Hope this helps.

Both are. But some of the “legs” of a Stump also count as one.