Fahz-Critical Patience (ADV Horde Cards/Tactics) by Hu1k Daddy

Hello everyone,

This is my fourth character breakdown for Horde. If you haven’t checked out my other guides, please feel free to do so. Just type in Hu1k in the search and the guides will pop up.

Fahz, well what can I say. If you have played the campaign and remember the scene early in the game between him and JD, well that’s what playing with him can feel like. Now don’t get me wrong, as a character I love him, but he is definitely the most skill intensive Hero to use. And he could be my new favorite. :slight_smile:

All this was put together after maxing out Fahz and playing with him on Elite to Master Difficulty. Now lets get sniping.

General Playstyle and Early Levels

Fahz, is about one thing only- Talking Smack…JK. I mean Critical’s. He is all about Critical s. His Critical’s have Critical’s and so on. His Ultimate is my personal favorite in the game. There is just something so fun about sniping through walls. Nothing like seeing another player playing as Fahz and it looks like he’s lost his mind just over there shooting the walls like a mad man…ahhh so fun.

Fahz, starts out pretty moderate in power and is a capable sniper right from the start. I would definitely recommend not playing anything that has the Enemy Health Boost Poison on. Better to find a Custom match that has anything besides this selection as it will make Fahz completely useless while on early EXP levels.

Now, lets take a look at some early card selections/skills you can apply:

*Ambush, Counter Snipe, Exploit Weakness, Score Boost

This is what you would be looking at around Rank 5. Any one of these would be ok. Ambush is going to be a mainstay until higher levels. Also, you may have noticed Steady Hand not listed. Well this is the worst card in the game as there is actually a setting in the game that will automatically turn this off. So why add this? I truly have no idea.

Mid Level Playstyle

Alright! You made it this far. That’s awesome, as I can tell you-it can be ruff trying to level Fahz up. But hey congrats to you!

Once you get this stage as Fahz it can start to get pretty dang fun. The cards that become available are very useful and help you out a lot. So, during this time frame its good to start learning how to use an Embar and a Torque Bow. As with the card selection you can use will benefit this a lot.

You may have also noticed two additional things. Fahz is about Critical’s, Marcus is about Head shots hmmm. Well you can team up with Marcus to do some fun things as Fahz. We will hit on those a little later.

Ok, so lets take a look at a good mix of cards while at level 9:

*Ambush, Master Marksman, Exploit Weakness, Modified Longshot, Embar Ammo Capacity

This is a good general mix of skills that will both boost you with and without your ULT active. This selection is a good choice for those as well who prefer the Embar, as you know-it takes forever to reload them. So having a faster reload option is a good thing as well as more ammo.

From here, there are a couple different choice options that you can choose for your High Level Playstyle. But to make it easier, I will go over my personal favorite selection.

High Level Playstyle

Yea buddy! The time has come. You got to the fun part of Fahz. I had so much fun playing as him when fully leveled, that I actually like to play with him almost all the time now.

Lets go straight into the card selection, as I feel many are going to be like um WTF?

*Exploit Weakness, Patience, Critical Parade, Long Shot Handling, Explosive Critical Hit (Really means Kill)

Ok, I am assuming that your first though here is why? You have no Damage cards on. Why no Modified Embar or Modified Longshot? Well remember previously when advising to stay away from Matches with the Enemy Health Boost Poison on? Well this is why. You can play on Inconceivable with this setup and have no issues. I would recommend trying to level up Exploit Weakness before the other cards as its buffs are nuts.

So as you can see, this is a pure ULT boosting build. Its a expensive build and it definitely takes some time to get used to. All the cards are either Rare or Epic but when you put them together what you get is truly scary.

Now, some breakdowns and additional help.

When trying this High Level Build its important to remember that you are trying to avoid taking damage at all. I know it sounds crazy, but its easy enough. The Card Patience activates after 2 minutes with not taking damage. This includes the end turn rounds of 30 sec’s, so its more like 1 minute and 30 sec’s. This ability also keeps going as long as you don’t take damage, so you can ULT, and once it runs out it will continue to come back with whatever boost is there, i.e. 120 %.

Another thing worth noting is that when using Exploit Weakness the game will show your weapons as increased damage, 30%, 40%. But this is actually not the case. I’m assuming its a Bug/Glitch in the same as upon testing it your weapons do the same damage output with it on compared to without it. However, the bonuses to X-Ray are so worth it.

Critical Parade and Longshot Handling are really nice together if you have good Aim. The Longshot Handling has the potential to go to 100% chance of no reloading upon critical kills. Team this up with Parade and you have a long ULT running.

Explosive Criticals are not really needed for this build, but seeing someones head just blow up is too freaken cool.

So, as mentioned before. When playing with Marcus, this build benefits this team up quite alot. Grab a Tri-shot and pop your ULT with Marcus ULT. This creates alot of damage, and explosions.

Ok, last bit of info. Best Maps for Fahz would Foundation, Training Grounds and Dam. Forge could also work, but you get hit a lot on that map for whatever reason.

Legendary fun. So Fahz’z legendary card is pretty crap. Well unless you play on Icebound. You can have alot of fun in those ICY waters :slight_smile:

Ok, that about sums up everything. I hope this can help you out and of course these sets are designed for players playing in random Custom matches. If you find a better set, let it be known below.

If any questions, post them here. Good Luck Gears!


Yes finally, what took you so long damn it! Just messing with ya, reading it now, just wanted to give you my thanks beforehand.

Hey @OnyxCrimsonBlur, check this out, finally a good and useful thread

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Thanks Essence. There was a lot of Testing that had to be done to check all kinds of different Char/Build options and what seemed to work more than what didn’t. He was a tuff one to do, so I appreciate your patience sir. :slight_smile: See what I did there? lol

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if Exploit weakness card is not working, then why use it?

Hey Ice,

Good question. Let me try to elaborate. It works wonderfully when your ULT is activated and you can see that you will get that bonus on pretty much anything but explosives. However, if you switch to a different gun and the damage modifier shows as 30% more damage, this is not correct while your ULT is not on.

Does this clear this up?

Well let me start off by saying I’m in no way, shape or form a pro when it comes to horde, so the following things I’m going to type in may be scratch head enducing at best, bash head through wall enducing at worst. You’ve been warned lol.

First, I’ll start with my setup, running on Masters:

Exploit Weakness/Ambush/Modified Longshot/Critical Parade/Patience.

My role: secondary dps (I leave most of the heavy lifting to a JD spamming GL), coordinating ult with Marcus.

Basically, the way the run works is I just sit on my a.ss for the earlier rounds, mostly helping Jack pick weapons for the forge. Maybe take a few pop shots here and there, until we can get a decent amount of tri shots on hand.

Once we’ve got the trishots, that’s where I shine. I help out with wiping as much as possible with combining my ult with Marcus’ and spotting any potential threat headed our way that needs immediate attention that I’m not able to finish up to our JD like Guardians and clusters of powerful foes. Seems like a basic/simple enough strat, but it has worked decently up until now.

I got a question for you though, since I haven’t been able to test it as of yet and won’t be able to until this coming weekend. When playing in Masters, and having the combined cards of exploit Weakness/ambush/modified Longshot, what percentage of health does it hit for against a guardian that is still full health? Is it decent enough for you to pop a crit on it, than finish it off with the trishot, or are you better off just blasting him with the trishot from the get go?

Hey essence. Basically just go with the Tri-shots. Also you will notice that in later rounds enemies get damaged pretty quick so I tend to remove ambush from my lineup as it’s more situational I feel. But hey I like the reply man.

Thank you.


Than a follow up question. Since in my situation I’m just blasting things with the trishot, I guess it’d make more sense to switch modified Longshot with explosive crit and as you say change ambush with something else?

Still trying to figure things out and see what would work best :blush:


Correct that worked for me. As people forget about the personal Upgrades as well. While running Patience you technically only have 3 to upgrade since the 4th is a cool down to ULT upon damage. Since your not taking damage this whole personal chain can be avoided.

So, again the reason I finalized on this setup is that nothing in the set is not being missed out on. Like later on when only using Tri-shots. Makes the Longshot upgrade kinda nell. Also, one cool thing is that the explosive damage to the nearby enemies is what ever percentage your current Critcal is, but reduced to the level stated on the card.

So if you do like 5000 Critcal Damage and you had Explosive for only 50%, then the nearby enemies will take 50% of the 5000 critical damage. This does stack as you level your personal critical as well.

Just try the set, its alot of fun and when you do, I feel you may see the potential it can have.

But again, its totally up to personal preference. So any way.

Any other questions?

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Nope, you’ve answered all of my questions I’ve had about Fahz my friend. I’ll give it a go this weekend and see how it works out.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. :facepunch:

Ah thank you sir.

Yea, I will say that this set has made me really enjoy plaing with Fahz. It also created some really funny moments.

As, with leeches there Critical is there mouth opening. So had a buddy who was getting swarmed (haha) by leeches and one came flying in right at him and I was able to snip it causing it to explode while in mid air and killing the other nearby leeches.

But yea, I can’t make shots like that all day, but it was pretty damn sweet.

Later man. :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t Steady Hand work? I’ve never taken the card off because I assume my aim will turn to ■■■■ without?

Oh goodness,

Yea don’t use that card. This only affects the screen shaking and barely reduces the stun time. There is a setting in the game options that can turn this off. Which makes this card kinda pointless.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the post.


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A little detail that people should be aware of, but may not and which makes a big difference.

When the Longshot Handling kicks in and gives you an auto-reload, it also gives you an active reload. Note that this doesn’t carry over an earlier active reload - if GIVES you one even if your last reload wasn’t an active.

Also the X-Ray Ultimate enables your bullets to go through multiple enemies. Technically you can line up multiple targets and hit them all. Very rare of course, but worth knowing.


Your awesome Pep.

Thank you.

I didn’t see it mentioned in this guide so I’ll leave this in here as a heads up to anyone who isn’t aware…

Fahz seems to do more damage to an enemy the more walls or obstacles a shot has to pass through while in X-Ray, which can result in some pretty sweet one shot nuke hits with a Longshot or EMBAR on Scions or Pouncers if you hit their head/belly. Can one shot even Sentinels or Guardians in the right circumstances. So if a Fahz player goes to hide all the way at the back in some unusual spot like a chicken, it is to maximize the damage potential, not because he’s a coward.

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Thanks man.

Appreciate the input :slight_smile:

I tested this today and there didn’t seem to be any difference in damage output. I wonder if it’s purely a coincidence where you’ve targeted an enemy which is further away and they’ve not taken any other damage yet and therefore you had the extra damage from the Ambush card?

N.B.: I tried this on All Fathers where I was firing from behind the wall by spawn; and on Exhibit from spawn where I was firing through multiple walls.

I don’t know, maybe it is down to range. But I have certainly noticed I would get bigger hits on enemies if I placed myself as far back on the map as I could with X-Ray, enough to take off Scion heads or one shot Sentinels(before 2x health on Frenzy, that is, for the Sentinels) with a single active Longshot headshot on Elite(with More Health on). Giving me the impression that more walls/obstacles passed through by the shot = more damage. But it may just have been entirely coincidental with that I try to go for the dangerous targets in X-Ray first, and they would sometimes be quite far away, allowing for big damage hits to occur that don’t normally happen even with Ambush outside of X-Ray.